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Imperial House of Ayreon-Kalirion
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Kaiser: Ayreon I - Anandja I - Anandja II -
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Hjalmar Redquill - Noor - Ayreon IV
Shahanshah: Rashid Arsalani
Emperor of the Natopians: Nathaniel
Rulers of Elwynn: Richard Lyon - Rai Avon-El - Daniel
Elijah - Nathaniel - Daniyal Simrani
Jonathan - Hallbjörn Haraldsson - Noah - Vilhjalm

Progenitors: Tuuler Kalir and Eskender Arsalani

Head: Ayreon IV

Kaiser Ayreon IV

Full Name: Vidar Salim Livarson Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine
Alias Prince Vidar

Kaiserayreon4 1656.png

Physical Description

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Race: Babkhi, Hurmu, Norse
Hair Color and Style: blond hair
Eye Color: blue
Skin Color: White

Biographical Information

Father: Adam Anushiruwan
Mother: Liv Djupvik
Date of Birth: 1645
Place of Birth: Raynor's Keep
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Current Residence(s): Raynor's Keep
Nationality at Birth: Shirerithian
Current Allegiance(s): Line of Ayreon-Kalirion
Occupation: Kaiser

Kaiser Ayreon IV (born Vidar Salim Livarson Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine at Raynor's Keep, 8 Gevraquun, 1645) is the current Kaiser of Shireroth (since 1650, ASC 6546), and former ruling Regent of Natopia (1654–1655). He is the son of Adam and Liv, and the grandson of Kaiseress Noor. Until his fifteenth birthday, Kaiser Ayreon IV's Shirerithian government is exercised by the Regent, a position currently (since 1656) held by Hartmut Aldric.


Family background

His father was Prince Adam. He never met his father, not even once. He was separated from his mother, Liv, and stepfather Daniel Dravot, in 1649, after reports surfaced that the mother was unloving to him and treated him with disdain (understandable given his conception was from rape) and made a ward of the Imperial Republic. His mother has visitation rights to her son, though she has not exercised them once since the separation. During his time with his mother and stepfather, the family spoke Normark Norse. He learnt Hurmu Norse from his maternal grandparents, Arviður (1535–1652) and Sól Míudottar (1543–1620), who have remained loving towards him. He spoke Babkhi with his paternal grandmother, Noor.

Aside from his grandparents and estranged mother, his maternal uncles, Aldin (b. 1630) and Vilhjalm (b. 1635), and aunt, Esther (b. 1638), and his maternal uncles Valdemar (b. 1609), Thorleiv (b. 1611), and Oden (b. 1613). He has no cousins on the paternal side, but four the maternal side: Patrik (b. 1643, son of Valdemar), Roderik (b. 1641, son of Thorleiv), and Gunnar and Yrsa (b. 1639 and 1641 respectively, son and daughter of Oden).

Ethnically, Ayreon IV is roughly one third Hurmu, one fourth Norse and one fifth Babkhi. The rest is accounted by Tapferite, Brookshirian, Elw, Storish and Novaya Zemlyan heritage. Among his ancestors are four Kaisers (Ayreon, Aurangzeb, Ayreon II, Noor), four Babkhan shahanshahs (Ardashir, Tahmaseb, Rashid, Osman), and two Natopian emperors (Nathan, Nathaniel), as well as from rulers from Elwynn (6), Brookshire (2), and Goldshire (2).

He belongs to the houses of Ayreon-Kalirion, Osman and Waffel-Paine, and to the imperial bloodlines of Ayreon-Kalirion and Steffki.


After the marriage alliance between the Khanum Liv and the Steward, Daniyal Dravot, Adam's infant son was transferred to Shirekeep and confinement in the Steward's Tower under the care of a governess not overly given to sentimentality.

The Steward's System was a set of rules designed by Daniyal Dravot and his wife concerning the upbringing of the child of Adam Ayreon-Kalirion, who had been borne by Liv against her will as the victim of rape and a forced marriage.

The System had been aimed at encouraging the child to incline habitually towards notions of obedience, duty and service, in contrast to the arrogance and entitlement which had thoroughly corrupted the infant's father.

The infant, would be constantly supervised in the presence of his Governess, Yara Rose of Erudition, and to be kept isolated from other children. The Steward and the Khanum strictly monitored and recorded every action the toddler made and entirely controlled who was allowed access to the boy in the Steward's Tower.

His only other companion, aside from her Governess, was the young Azardokht al-Osman, a hostage of the Steward kept in order to ensure the good behaviour of the House of Osman which ruled the southern isles by the threat that she could be married off to create a rival claimant.

Future plans for the infant's early education revolved around a strict daily schedule. Morning lessons would begin at 08.30 and continue until 11.30. Lessons would then resume at 14.00 and continue until 19.00.

The education would begin, with full rigour, at the age of five years old. In addition to the standard subjects taught under the Agnesia-Alalehzamin System the boy would learn, decorum, the Holodomatic scriptures and later languages.

The Khanum's strictest instruction was that under no circumstances was the child to have any contact with his father, nor to learn anything of Adam except for his crimes and the depth of his depravity.

At the age of seventeen the boy was to have been assigned to an Imperial Regiment and then sent off to manage a farm in Ran to learn responsibility, which tends to be overlooked when educating Kalirions. This, however, was not to be. Following the flight of the Steward, Sikander Dravot along with his wife the Khanum of Cabbagefall - pursued by a curse laid by the shade of Tokaray al-Osman bound with the Sword of Vengeance presently presumed lost in Balgurd - the boy fell under the influence of his grandmother's courtiers who encouraged him to resent and chafe against the bonds of the necessary discipline with which he had been raised. It now seems certain that Vidar, who has become Kaiser by virtue of the dynastic succession, will follow in the same damaged, self-harming and neurotic footsteps of his ancestors.

Early kaisership

Kaiser Ayreon IV on his accession in 1650

Upon his unexpected ascension to the Kaisership at such an early age, the Imperial Steward Kyle Kilynn took measures to secure the child kaiser and provide for his education until his majority. In recognition of the close relationship between Prince Kyle and the Kaiser's uncle, Pentheros Aldin, the agreement was that the Pentheros would be responsible for the Kaiser's religious education according to the theology of the Dozan Bovic Church. Few provisions were made for the Kaiser's legal, social and formal education, which resulted in the Kaiser quickly becoming spoiled and overenergetic (due to a high sugar intake). In 1651, Steward Kyle Kilynn appointed Soraya Octavius-Parini to the position of Chamberlain of the Imperial Household in an effort to discipline the child-kaiser.

The Kaiser was from 1647 without contact with his mother until her appointment as Steward in 1651, and Ayreon is believed to have compensated that loss of motherly affection with affection from other women, particularly Princess Kizzy Drakland and Countess Mira Octavius-Aryani. He is now fond of his Chmberlain, Soraya. The relationship between the Kaiser and his mother remains cold.

When the Steward exiled the House of Ettlingar Freyu from Shireroth in 1651, the Kaiser was blissfully unaware of the reasons for the exile and of the consequences of the exile, though unfortunately his step-uncle Ayreon-Kalirion was killed in the crossfire. The Kaiser had always had a good relationship with his step-uncle, and indeed, Audun Joel was regarded as one of the few members of the House of Ettlingar Freyu who had not been infested with a demonic entity (the other one was Prince Vilhjalm who succeeded his father Noah as King of Elwynn). As such, upon hearing of Audun Joel's death, a former kaiser, Vidar led the Imperial Court in grieving.

As the Prætor, Fjorleif, was exiled, too, it was incumbent upon the Landsraad at this time to hold an election for prætor. The Kaiser, upon hearing that it was the kaiser's duties to conduct the election, was overjoyed and went, against all advice, to the Palace of Zirandorthel where the nobled had assembled. In an embarassing display of presiding, Vidar forced all nobles to go various sides of the Landsraad floor (depending on which candidate they supported for prætor). In the end, he counted the nobles on each side and found that one side had more. He had, however, by this time forgotten which side supported which candidate and he solemnly declared the wrong candidate elected. After a while, the Kaiser understood his error and the duly elected winner King Ryker Everstone took the Prætor's chair and hat, though seemed a bit sluggish in doing so.

After the prætorial incident, the Kaiser was sent to a small farm in Monty Crisco to learn discipline, patience and agriculture, and so that his education would continue in peace and quiet.

In the year 1653 IAC travels to the Montrano Estate to celebrate the Kaiser's eighth birthday, during which time an argument erupted over how to deal with the Froyalaners now that they've been sequestered into the FNR. Following a tour of the farm and an impromptu demonstration of the use of a burdizzo, a throwaway remark by Michael Verion during a further argument on the subject of the Froyalanish question inspired Liv to consider mass castration as a solution. Although an unlikely subject over which a mother might attempt to bond with her son she nonetheless encouraged him to work overnight on a proclamation, the resulting draft was praised by the IAC and accepted with few alterations.

In mid 1653, Ayreon IV received with enthusiasm the news that his second cousin (of same age as himself) Nathan II had ascended the Natopian throne as emperor. Plans were immediately made for the Kaiser to visit his cousin and his own holdings in Natopia.

The Imperial Advisory Council, growing more concerned that the Kaiser may not be all too willing to conform with the prevailing IAC ideology following the Auspicious Occasion, met to draft a new Charter that would restrict the powers of the Kaiser somewhat in favour of a regularly elected Steward. In the middle of 1653, the Landsraad debated the proposal, adopted it, and after three states (Elwynn, Goldshire and Kezan) had assented, the Kaiser was flown to Shirekeep to promulgate the new Charter. The new Charter also separated the post of Steward from that of Regent.


Over the new year's celebrations 1653–1654, Kaiser Ayreon IV hosted a state visit by one of the co-monarchs of Hoenn, Queen Kahede. Following the Auspicious Occasion, when not only the ethnic cleansing of people of Storish ancestry began throughout Shireroth but also when relations with other nations, in protect to Shireroth's actions, hit rock bottom, the Shirerithian foreign policy makers were desperate in reestablishing Shireroth's place in the world as the forefront empire of Micras. With Hoenn's territories located mostly on another planet and its population consisting of a muiltirude of various sentient species, a good and close relationship with Hoenn was a priority. As such, the young kaiser took it upon himself to do his part as head of state to host his fellow monarch and her entourage as they visited Shireroth for the celebrations. Although no firm agreements, as had been anticipated, were signed during the visit, a working group of diplomats from both Hoenn and Shireroth was established to bridge the cultural, normative and spatial differences between their tow planets so that working agreements could be later be made. With this foundation, the Kaiser and his advisors hoped that Shireroth would lead the rest of Micras in more stable and constructive interplanetary relations.

Unfortunately, that vision had to come to a halt soon after once the Jingdaoese government announced that it was resuming hostitilies against Shireroth and its allies. The political problems associated with the Florian Republic's constant switching of sides between allegiance to Shireroth and to Jingdao hsd made any kind of stability in Shireroth's foreign policies impossible. At the same time, the government's attention took to defending Shireroth's territory as well as engaging with the thankless task of protecting the Florian people against its own government. In a series of imperial proclamations, the Kaiser attempted to do his part in calming the ever-escalating situation, by urging the Florian people to carefully consider their future. His proclamations, written by his own hand and without the IAC's direct input, were emotional and on a positive conciliatory note, but they nontheless did not succeed the Florian Republic to return to the Shirerithian fold. This upset the kaiser greatly. He confided to the closest people around him, particularly to Lady Soraya, how hurt he was by this. He was unsure how he could ever forgive the Florians for it.

After the election of Burgrave Waldemar Zinkgraven to Steward in mid-1654, the imperial government was reformed once again. The IAC and the ministries were split from one another, with former ministers retaining IAC membership (with certain exceptions, see below). Steward Zinkgraven also placed all key ministries in corporations held in commission, in line with his ideology of corporative feudalist democracy. The idea here was that through corporations, the common people (denizens) could find a way to participate in the governance of Shireroth, and therefore be more democratic. Heath Belledin, the imperial inquisitor, denounced this move angrily as "un-Shirithian" in an IAC meeting.

Regent in Natopia

In the final months of 1654, it became apparent that the Emperor of the Natopians, Nathan II, was missing along with the Natopian regent Christo Eucalyptos and the defence secretary Marco Lungo. The matter came only to surface after the Emperor had failed to assent to bills of the Frenzy, causing the Frenzy to investigate the matter. A court case and several resolutions later, Ayreon IV found himself appointed by the Frenzy in Nathan's place. He was immediately flown to Lindström to set up the regency. Because of a quirk or deficiency in Natopian law, Ayreon, at that point not even ten years old, was considered a legal adult in Natopia and needed no "adult" to supervise him in his official capacity. In practice however the Kaiser was accompanied by his tutors, a personal secretary, a Zonophore cleric (serving as a chaplain for the group and spiritual mentor to the Kaiser), and a close protection detail of sixteen Sentinels and was thus closely supervised.

Landing in Lindström, he blundered into an impromptu press conference where he gave fielded questions with answers that displayed a remarkable degree of self-confidence, if not a certain level of naivety, before his handlers could breakup the press scrum that had gathered around the child. No sooner had he arrived to the Vista da Nada Palace, than a parcel was received at the palace including an anonymous letter stating the Emperor had been kidnapped along with the distinctive ears and thumbs of one who could not be anyone else but Eucalyptos. Ayreon immediately penned an imperial decree using the templates provided in the Natopian court. Among his first acts were to appoint Isabella Simrani-Kalirion to defence secretary and to begin an all-Natopian search for the emperor. As the abduction had gone unreported for months, Isabella promptly arrested the palace staff and replaced them with servants loyal to the House of Kalirion.

As regent, the Ayreon devoted much of his time into Bovic prayer in order to, by introspection and divine guidance, find the emperor. Through what he took to be a divine revelation, Ayreon came to believe that he knew the location of the emperor, and convinced a sceptical Secretary of Defence to dispatch a reconnaissance team to Eura to investigate.

On 13 Gevrader 1655, whilst still awaiting the recovery of the emperor, Ayreon was baptised into the Bovic faith in a ceremony officiated by his uncle, the Pentheros Aldin. The impromptu and rushed nature of the ceremony, coupled with the marked increase in the number of servile Storrish flatterers attempting to gain admission to attend upon the Kaiser whilst he was in Lindström, concerned his councillors and protectors greatly. It was also becoming apparent that the Kaiser was vulnerable to the defects in reason and excessive predisposition towards emotional lability that had scarred the psyches of his father, and great-grandfather before him.

The Kaiser's failure to consult with his officials, instead acting on impulse, also caused embarrassment on occasions; such as when the Kaiser dispatched a note of congratulation to the Queen of Malarboria on the occasion of the birth of her child when the Steward had already sanctioned the postpartum termination of the infant so as to prevent the human-daemon hybrid from reaching reproductive age.

Following an alleged divine revelation as to whereabouts of the emperor, Ayreon led the Natopian Defence Force in finding the emperor in the former Natopian colony of Xechaspolis in the barrenness of Eura. Led by Lady Isabella Kalirion, the rescue operation successfully extracted the emperor back to Lindström with only some 20 000 collateral deaths on the ground. Ayreon was pleased and watched over the emperor in hospital until the emperor was fit enough to resume his duties, whereupon Ayreon returned to Shirekeep.

Reign during the war years

As Shireroth and Natopia were at risk of attack with strategic weapons by the forces of the USSO between the years 1655 and 1656, following a Natopian orbital strike on forces massing in the Strait of Haifa, the Kaiser - along with his tutors, Holodomaic chaplains and close protection detail - was frequently moved between rural manor-houses in Brookshire, avoiding major population centres and industrial or military targets by a generous radius.

In compensation the Imperial Mother presented the young Kaiser with two gifts on his eleventh birthday, a young sablehound pup, named Dravvy after his mother and stepfather, and a Babkhano-Froyalanish girl of twelve years, Áslög-Kráka Behsoozsdóttir, so that he might have a companion for childish games and for other uses when he came of age.

The Kaiser's education, in spite of the frequent upheavals, was progressing steadily; he could read, write, and converse in Praeta, Istvanistani, Babkhi and Elw, whilst mastering arithmetic, basic algebra, as well as the simplified principles of geometry. He was taught the mythical history of the 1st and 2nd Eras of Shireroth with the expectation that the revised learning and new chronology would be introduced to him at a later stage. From his exposure to life on a working farm he had developed a sturdy work ethic.

L'affaire de Ryker

When the Hoennese queen and her entourage had visited the young Kaiser, the Kaiser had grown fond of the Hoennese realm, and devoted many hours of reading about the country, its planet and strange customs. After nagging Ryker Everstone, the Regent, to appoint an ambassador to Hoenn, the Regent eventually agreed and appointed Prince Daniel (the safir) to the position. All was well, or so everyone thought, until early 1656 when the Hoennese regency sent a letter to the regent on the appointment of a Hoennese ambassador to Shireroth. The letter, written in high ceremonial Hoennese style, was given a reply by the regent that amounted to more offence than constructive dialogue (he enclosed with the letter a cheque so the crown prince of Hoenn could buy himself a puppy). Expecting diplomatic fallout and loss of value of their shares in SHIPTT, the other members of the Imperial Advisory Council immediately met to divest Ryker of the regency and in his stead appointed a rising, but still relatively unknown, provincial magnate, Hartmut Aldric, Count of Elsyran, to the position.

Angered by this move, yet unable to convince the IAC otherwise, Ryker vowed that he would leave the imperial government for years to come. "May it rot," he said of the government to reporters, as he left Raynor's Keep. The presence of reporters suggests some lapse of security for which a number of sentinels were demoted or transferred to other regiments. The editors of the Shirekeep Gazette and the Daily Mail & Telegraph of Eliria were subsequently hosted by the Steward's Honour Guard at a private function and the comments went unreported.

To the public it was announced that the King of Goldshire was retiring to a secluded country mansion in Suthergold to undergo a special treatment, hinted to be reconstructive plastic surgery - his hideous disfigurement having been an unavoidable subject of court gossip for years.

The Kaiser, being told the public version of these events, was nonetheless saddened, as he had come to consider Ryker to be the only connection – aside from Aldin – to his father's side of the family. The reasoning for this sentiment was childish and ill-considered. Ryker "owned" Villy Esposito, the Kaiser's paternal uncle, as a "loyal subject", while everyone else had either died or exiled themselves in Stormark.

The King of Goldshire subsequently resolved this awkward impasse by lapsing into a coma, throwing his Kingdom once more into chaos.

Early teens

In the midst of these domestic travails set against the backdrop of an ongoing global conflict, the Kaiser undertook a successful state visit to Caputia in the 8th and 9th months of 1656. On account of the ongoing conflict over the Great Western Sea and eastern Keltia, Ayreon IV became the first Kaiser to cross the north pole, as the Imperial Yacht and its escort was obliged to take an indirect route. The trip proved to be an important diplomatic coup for the embattled Imperial Republic, shoring up relations with a vital neutral trading partner at a critical time in the war against Passio-Corum. The Kaiser received unusually fulsome and genuine praise for maintaining an amiable, polite and self-disciplined façade throughout the long and exhausting sequence of official engagements, which culminated in an address to the Caputian parliament. Following the state visit, the Kaiser visited Klaasisitya to attend the memorial to the deceased former emperor Zakyyr.

As a growing child of eleven years, the Kaiser's physical education now became increasingly important. Under the careful supervision of his tutors and close protection detail the Kaiser was introduced to the sport of cross-country running around the boundaries of his rural home in Monty Crisco as well as the Elwynnese martial art of cudgel fighting. As the Kaiser's strength and physical dexterity grew the day would come when he would be introduced to the ancient Shirerithian custom of sabre fencing.

At the end of the second month of 1657, the Kaiser was struck with sorrow. His foster-father Daniyal Dravot had died in Modan-Lach. The Kaiser, for a moment inconsolable, reached out to his mother (Dravot's wife) who quickly scolded him for displaying emotions at this natural event. The Kaiser understood that he could no longer deal with childish emotions and decided he needed to toughen up. His mother depended on him for that. Not long after, the Kaiser understood that Kurai Darkmoon, the Timeless Shadow, had died in an airplane accident and that the Lengois senate had elected him King of Leng.


Role Holder Tenure
Regent Imperial Advisory Council (held in commission) 1653–1654
King Ryker Everstone 1654–1656
Count Hartmut Aldric 1656–
Steward Prince Kyle Kilynn 1650–1651
Lady Liv Dravot 1651–1654
Burgrave Waldemar Zinkgraven 1654–7
Lady Mira Octavius-Aryani, Count Palatine of Kezan 1657–
Minister of the Interior Count Armin Jamal-Arminzadeh 1650–1651
Viscount Myn 1651–1653
Lord Michael Verion 1653–1654
Anzarolexion (held in commission) 1654–
Minister of the Exterior Prince Hallbjörn Haraldsson 1650–1651
Prince Kyle Kilynn 1651–1653
Count Armin Jamal-Arminzadeh 1653–1654
The Royal Iron Company (held in commission) 1654–
Minister of Military Affairs Princess Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir 1650–1651
ESB-Jörmungandr Group (held in commission) 1651–
Imperial Inquisitor Lord Heath Belledin 1650–
Prefect of Shirekeep Lady Mira Octavius-Aryani, Count Palatine of Kezan 1650–
Chamberlain of the Household Pentheros Aldin Ayreon-Kalirion 1650–1651
Soraya Octavius-Parini 1651–1654
Pleroma Solutions (held in commission) 1654–
Landsraad Liaison and Adviser Princess Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir 1651–1651
Court Historian and Notary of Raynor's Keep Lady Layla Verion 1651–
Scientific Advisor and Mostly High Imperial Bag-Carrier King Ryker Everstone, King of Goldshire 1651–
Plenipotentiary to the Permanent Commission,
and High Representative to Allied Nations
King Ryker Everstone 1654–
Plenipotentiary to the Joint-Military Council,
and High Tormentor of Lesser Races
Lady Liv Dravot 1654–
Plenipotentiary to the Micras Treaty Organisation,
and High Representative to Other Nations
Lady Dragonmoor 1654–

Imperial Advisory Council

Position Holder Tenure
On the Throne Prince Kyle Kilynn (Steward) 1650–1651
Lady Liv Dravot (Steward) 1651–1654
King Ryker Everstone (Regent) 1654–1656
Count Hartmut Aldric (Regent) 1656–
President of Council Prince Kyle Kilynn (Steward) 1650–1651
Lady Liv Dravot (Steward) 1651–1654
Burgrave Waldemar Zinkgraven (Steward) 1654–1657
Lady Mira Octavius-Aryani, Count Palatine of Kezan 1657–
Ordinary Members Count Armin Jamal-Arminzadeh 1650–
Lord Heath Belledin 1650–
Lady Mira Octavius-Aryani, Count Palatine of Kezan 1650–
Lady Liv Dravot 1651–
ESB-Jörmungandr Group in commission 1651–
Lady Soraya Octavius-Parini 1651–
Lord Michael Verion 1653–
Burgrave Waldemar Zinkgraven 1654–
The Royal Iron Company in commission 1654–
Anzarolexion in commission 1654–
Pleroma Solutions in commission 1654–
Count Hartmut Aldric 1655–
Queen Kizzy Drakland 1656–
Former members Prince Kyle Kilynn 1650–1656
Prince Hallbjörn Haraldsson 1650–1651
Princess Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir 1650–1651
Pentheros Aldin Ayreon-Kalirion 1650–1652
Viscount Myn 1651–1653

Imperial Proclamations

Imperial Speeches

Imperial Decrees

Kaiser Ayreon IV has issued the following Imperial Decrees, through himself, his stewards, acting stewards or regents:


  • 936: Mourn the Kaiseress (Steward Kyle Kilynn)
  • 937: Deportation of Pretender (KK)
  • 938: Imperial Ministers and Advisory Council (KK)
  • 939: Lichkeep Cession (KK)
  • 940: Principality of Mishalan (KK) (vetoed by the Landsraad)
  • 941: Imperial Governor of Lichbrook (KK)
  • 942: Lomax Restored (KK)
  • 943: Imperial Duchy of Brookshire (KK)
  • 944: Amendments to Decree 914 (KK)
  • 945: Conditional Repeal of Decree 922 (KK)
  • 946: Expanded Lichbrook (KK)
  • 947: Helena Chevalier (KK)
  • 948: Æsileif Haraldsdóttir (KK)
  • 949: The Emirate of Jadid Khaz Modan (KK)


  • 950: Minister of Military Affairs (Steward Kyle Kilynn)
  • 951: The Voltrue Rebellion (KK)
  • 952: Chamberlain of the Household (KK)
  • 953: MiniInt and Seneschal (KK)
  • 954: City Charter of Shirekeep (KK)
  • 955: Successor and Resignation (KK)
  • 956: Rearmament of Constancia (Steward Liv Dravot)
  • 957: Mishalan (LD)
  • 958: Imperial Ministers and Advisory Council (LD)
  • 959: The Shirewiki (LD)
  • 960: Caverden and Overdolor (LD)
  • 961: Shirekeep's Penal Facilities (LD)
  • 962: Matters pertaining to the Kaiser (LD)
  • 963: 2nd Amendment to Charter (LD)
  • 964: Institutions in the Mandate of Tellia (Acting Steward Lord Myn)
  • 965: The Imperial Mother (Myn)
  • 966: Acting Acting Steward (Myn)
  • 967: Mapmania (Acting acting Steward King Ryker J. Everstone)
  • 968: Census Sanctions and Mapmania Legitimization (Acting Steward Lord Myn)
  • 969: The Harald Entity (Steward Liv Dravot)
  • 970: The King of Elwynn & His Council (LD)
  • 971: Territorial Settlement of Elwynn (LD)
  • 972: Revocation of Various Treaties (LD)



  • 977: Renunciation of Titles and Claims (Steward Liv Dravot)
  • 978: Imperial Minister for the Exterior (LD)
  • 979: Imperial Minister for the Interior (LD)
  • 980: Imperial Charter for the Governance of Shireroth
  • 981: Tribute of the Mandate of Tellia (Steward Liv Dravot)






1645–present: Duke of Cheshunt, Count of Upper Macon, Count of Andiopolis, Prince of Natopia, Lord Triumphant in All Four Quarters, Knight of the Black Hole, Progeny of the Once-Living God, Lord in Jorvik, Baron of Port Mills, Count of Kaltor, Knight of the Holy Lakes, Scion of the King of Kings

1645–1653: Prince of Elwynn, Llængjarl of Elwynn, Count of Northshire, Count of Arietta, Count of the Lady Esther Isles

1648–1650: Prince of Shireroth

1650–1650: King of Goldshire

1650–1653: Kaiser in Kildare, Emperor of Kildare, Prince of Hvalafell, Wielder of the Sword of Vengeance

1654–1655: Prince Regent of Natopia

1648–present: Lord of Zauberförde/Senkyōwan (Natopia)

1649–present: Khan of Caer Lum'ruush

1650–present: Kaiser of Shireroth, King of the Elian Lands, Emir of Sathrati, Marquess of Zy-Rodun, Imperial Prince of Shireroth, Duke of Brookshire Duke of Istvanistan, Count of Dracoheim, Count of Istvan, Thane of the Shirelands, Keeper of the Apollo Legacy, Grand Master of the Orders of the Dragon, Griffin, Phoenix, and Chimera, Sovereign of the Golden Mango Throne, Lord Mayor of the City of Vladagrad

1657–present: King of Leng


Preceded by:
Kaiseress Noor
Kaiser of Shireroth
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Kaiseress Noor
Emir of Sathrati
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
King of Goldshire
Succeeded by:
Ryker Everstone