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A Norse Woman serving in the Union Defence Force during the years of independence.

The Norse are tall in stature and florid and ruddy in complexion. In the countryside they wear neither camisoles nor caftans but the men amongst them wear a garment of rough cloth, which is thrown over one side, so that one hand remains free. In the cities they wear the more conventional fashions of the Elw, and in this manner blend into society so as to be almost indistinguishable from their neighbours, except when it comes to the notion on their part that it is acceptable to openly carry weapons in polite society.

Every Norse man carries an axe, a dagger, and a sword, and they are never seen without these ceremonial, yet worryingly practical, weapons. Their swords are broad, with wavy lines, and of Crandish make. From the tip of the fingernails to the neck, each man of them is tattooed with pictures of trees, living beings, representations of their gods and other fantastical things.

The women follow the fashions of the Elw even more closely than the men. Unlike the Froyalanish they are not enthusiasts for nudity or the martial arts to the same degree. However cudgellers and volunteers for the combat arms of the Union Defence Force are not unknown amongst them and Norse women are notoriously independent and promiscuous.