Kaiseress Semisa II

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Kaiseress Semisa II
Full Name: Kessei Aþame Mitēuřamae Anykylin Imar
Alias Kessei


Physical Description
Gender: Female
Species: Safir
Race: Kāđaþ Ašura
Hair Color and Style: Auburn
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Blue
Other: Has wings

Biographical Information
Father: Qey, Castellan of Vāđeláw
Mother: Maja, Queen of Firnerámnen
Date of Birth: 1308
Place of Birth: Aňira, Firnerámnen
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Current Residence(s): Aňira
Nationality at Birth: Firnerámnese
Current Allegiance(s): Safir AllianceHouse of Ašura
Occupation: Former Kaiseress and former regent

Kessei Aþame Mitēuřamae Anykylin Imar, also known as Lady Kessei Ašura, Princess of Shireroth and reigning as Kaiseress or Kaiserin Semisa II in 1608, is a Safirian and Shirerithian noblewoman and royal, born in 1308. In her native Firnerámnen, she also holds the title of Lesser Queen of Umaron. Her short reign as kaiseress was widely unpopular. She was seen as imposing an alien way of thinking on the Shirerithian constitution, and as having a violent anti-Jingdaoese bias which often put her in conflict with Kildare. In the end, she was forced to abdicate. She chose her confidant, the rather anonymous Spencer Jackson, brother of the then-anarch of Yardistan, Carl Jackson, to succeed her.

Starting in the 1630s, her reputation in Shireroth had been restored, as her prophecies and warnings concerning the Jingdaoese had came true.

In 1663, she returned to public service when Kaiser Ayreon IV appointed her regent for the duration of his monastic seclusion in Athlon. During her regency, she organized and spearheaded the Safirian Exodus, by which almost all Safir in Shireroth renounced their citizen-/denizenship and returned to the Safir Alliance.

Preceded by:
Kaiser Aiomide
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Kaiser Trantor IV
Preceded by:
Regent of the Imperial Republic
Succeeded by: