Kaiser Trantor IV

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Kaiser Trantor IV
Full Name: Spencer Jackson
Alias KT

Trantor IV.png

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Race: Yardistani
Hair Color and Style: Short light brown hair
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White

Biographical Information
Father: Carl Jackson
Date of Birth: 1554
Place of Birth: Musica
Date of Death: 1618
Place of Death: Venira
Current Residence(s): Yardistan
Nationality at Birth: Shirerithian
Current Allegiance(s): Sanglorian
Occupation: Former Kaiser

Spencer Jackson, reigning as Kaiser Trantor IV, was a Shirerithian kaiser, reigning 1608–1609. His short reign sparked a considerable amount of criticism (being called the most hated Kaiser ever in Kildare) and dishonoured by being called Katy (= KT, abbreviation of Kaiser Trantor). Trantor abdicated in 1609, handing over power to the Landsraad, whereafter he lived a quiet life outside the public. He suffered from depression and died by assisted suicide in Venira, Safirian Micras, in 1618.

Preceded by:
Semisa II
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by: