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Imperial House of Ayreon-Kalirion
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Kaiser: Ayreon I - Anandja I - Anandja II -
Ayreon II - Isa IV - Ayreon III -
Hjalmar Redquill - Noor - Ayreon IV
Shahanshah: Rashid Arsalani
Emperor of the Natopians: Nathaniel
Rulers of Elwynn: Richard Lyon - Rai Avon-El - Daniel
Elijah - Nathaniel - Daniyal Simrani
Jonathan - Hallbjörn Haraldsson - Noah - Vilhjalm

Progenitors: Tuuler Kalir and Eskender Arsalani

Head: Ayreon IV

Tuuler Kalir (1420-1512), also known as Princess Isa of Brookshire or Isa Raynor, and cheered as the Duchy's Delight when she was young, is the progenitress of the Imperial Bloodline of Ayreon-Kalirion and the Imperial House of the same name. Among her descendants are, among others, a Shah of Babkha, four Kaisers of Shireroth, and several Rulers of Elwynn.

Appearance and Personality

The Lady Tuuler was a very quiet person who liked to be on her own, but also was always full of love for the people she cared about. She enjoyed going out camping in the desert, looking at rocks and soil. She hated snow and ice, it is said, and she became quite the Babkhan in the end. Speaking Babkhi, taking Babkhan culture as her own.

Parents and Siblings

Tuuler is the daughter of Prince Paul of Brookshire and his wife Sora of Hyperborea.

She had a younger brother: Prince Kian of of Brookshire who later in life moved to Hyberborea where he took the Hyperborean name of Kalir Sethan and quickly rose to the membership of the Council of Nine, becoming the fifth-youngest Elder ever. Several years after that he became Kaiser of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth as Los I as well as the progenitor of the Imperial Bloodline of Kalir.


In 1442 she married the Babkhan anthropologist Eskender Arsalani (1418-1499).


Tuuler Kalirion
Tuuler Kalir7.png

Arms Ayreon-Kalirion2.png

Full Name: Tuuler Arsalani-Kalirion
Noble House(s): Ayreon-Kalirion
Place of Birth: Brookshire
Date of Birth: 1420
Siblings: Kaiser Los I (brother)
Year of Marriage: 1442
Father #1
Father: Paul Raynor
Noble House(s): Raynor
Place of Birth: Brookshire
Date of Birth: unknown
Year of Marriage: unknown
Mother: Sora of Tala (Sara of Brookshire)
Noble House(s): Raynor (by marriage)
Place of Birth: Raikoth
Date of Birth: unknown
Year of Marriage: unknown
Spouse: Eskender Arsalani
Noble House(s): Ayreon-Kalirion
Place of Birth: Shahzamin, Babkha
Date of Birth: 1418
Year of Marriage: 1442
Issue with Eskender Arsalani:
Issue with Others: None

Two childeren were born fom Tuuler's marriage with Eskender: first a daughter who was given the name Hanna Arsalani, also known as Johanna van der Graaf, and a couple of years later a son who bore the name of Rashid Arsalani.