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Babkhi Profiles.png
Total Population: blah
Region of Origin: Eura
Regions with Significant Populations:
  1. Benacia:
    1. Alalehzamin and Utasia,
    2. Ribat al-Eluinshahr,
    3. Jadid Khaz Modan,
    4. Shirekeep
    5. Sathrati
  2. Eura:
    1. Raspur Khanate
    2. Eastern Eura Trade Association
    3. Province of the River Erik

Languages: Babkhi

Religion: Zurvanism
Holodomatic School

Famous Figures: Babak Shah the Great
Ardashir Osmani Shah I
Tahmaseb Abakhtari Shah
Rakesh Ackbar
Abbas Namvari
Tokaray al-Osman
Daniyal Dravot
Places of Note Kamalshahr
Notable Achievements Attempted world conquest, several times.

Progenitor: blah
Date of Founding: blah

The Babkhi, formerly known as Ardashirians, are one of the Twelve Peoples of Elwynn.


The Babkhi favour roasted meats particularly goose, lamb, mutton, long-pork and beef. Cattle are considered sacred animals by the Natopian community and thus some fastidiousness is shown by the general population but 'forcing' a Natopian to eat a roast beef sandwich before flogging as a sodomite is still considered to be the highlight of many a convivial Norwuz celebration (the Natopian is normally an actor hired for the occasion and 'pale-faced' for the occasion. The coercive element is ritualised and staged).