Ribat al-Eluinshahr

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Ribat al-Eluinshahr is a cultural region in Elwynn which is situated Ancient Midlands, Northern Reaches, and the Old East, roughly between Glenfiddich, Azshara, Vijayanagara and Dragonskeep. It is an area where a number of Babkhis dwell and form a considerable part of the population. The languages spoken by the Babkhi in Ribat al-Eluinshahr region are Babkhi, Agnesian and Elw.


Ribat roughly means base, retreat or (chapter) house in Babkhi. Eluinshahr basically means "Babkhi Elwynn", or in other words, the culture or place of population of the Babkhi people in Elwynn. It usually, but not always, is a non-territorial designation.