Scholae Palatinae

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A Scholae Legion of the Palatini Corps, responsible for guarding the person of the Steward against all enemies, foreign and domestic. A counterpoint to the Scholae Excubitores who guard the person of the Kaiser. The legion also served as a parent unit for units and commission-holders raised and assigned by the Steward for specific purposes.


Scholae Palatinae Commander: Legate Julius Gerard, Home Base: Shirekeep Garrison
Unit Name Commandant Anunia Points Personnel AFV/Artillery Support Vehicles Aircraft/Rotorcraft
. . . . . . .


  • ??, 16??–1656
  • Palatine Legate Julius Gerard, 1656–1658, removed for remaining with Burgrave Zinkgraven in Keltia after his disgrace and recall.
  • Palatine Legate Erik Rukovod, 1658–, Appointed after bringing the remainder of his father's host under the Imperial Banner, rewarded for good service in the Lywall Protectorate.