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Lywall Protectorate

[[Image:{{{coat of arms}}}|100px]]

Feudal Status: Imperial Protectorate
Capital: Sansabury
Largest Cities: Klymdown, Klymhigh, &zeter

Local Leadership Title: President
Local Government: Single-party authoritarian state
Current leader: Kiran Lylow

Local language: Low Istvanistani (administrative), Yehudi, Tellian, Laqi, Singer-Sprak
Local Religion: Cedrism, Holodomatic School, (Pragmatic toleration of Gnostic heresies)

The Lywall Protectorate is an imperial protectorate ruled under military administration.


Citizens Denizens Loyal Subjects Community Servitors Total
3,483 354,211 1,067,785 955,156 2,380,635