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Flag Jorvik.png

Arms Jorvik.png

Motto: Sum Mearcpæþ Gerósod ("A way of roses")
Feudal Status: Royal Precinct
Capital: Jorvik
Largest Cities: Bernicia, Jorvik

Local Leadership Title: Jarl and Grand Elector of Jorvik
Local Government: Feudal
Current leader: King Noah of Elwynn

Local language: Common Tongue, Froyalanish
Local Religion: Froyalanish Ancient Ways, Nor-Krantism, Bovic Faith

Jorvik, also known as the Jarlorð of Jorvik, is a Royal Precinct of the Elwynnese Union. It is situated on the continent of Apollonia in the cardinal direction of the Jewel of Many Facets which is known as Angsax Ingetheod Cynwise.


The Jarlorð of Jorvik has a total population of 4,812,154 people.

People of Elwynn Population Size Percentage
Absentians 2 0.0)%
Amokolians 129 0.00%
Babkhi 8,724 0.18%
Boreals 36 0.00%
Cimmerians 10 0.00%
Elfinshi 30 0.00%
Elw 26,235 0.55%
Farewellish 230 0.00%
Froyalanish 3,300,506 68.59%
Norse 13,528 0.28%
Tapferites 1,330,764 27.65%
Haraldian Wintergleamish 203 0.00%
Other Elwynnese or Shirerithian 90,221 1.87%
Resident aliens 41,536 0.86%