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The Wintergleamish, also known as Wintergleamers are a quite diverse group of people who are referred to as Wintergleamers.


Aside from a pre-existing community of Storish merchants in Wintergleam - some of them descendants of Valtian traders and others being associates or staff of the Sameinaða Erlendur Kaupsýsla Einokun Félagið, the Wintergleamers of Storish descent came to the Wintergleam area from Araxion after Harald of Froyalan, who previously was the Count of Araxion, had been appointed Count of Wintergleam. A second wave took place during Harald of Froyalan's Ducal Reign and the name of the Lands of the Two Sacred Rivers was Froyalan. The Fenririan Wintergleamers are either the non-Viking pre-Haraldian population or arrived in Wintergleam during the tenure of Count Leo Fenrir who was the successor of Harald of Froyalan as Count of Wintergleam. These Storish immigrants were later moved to refugee camps and eventually western Amokolia after the banishment of the Harald Entity led to them being at dangerously high risk of suffering violent persecution from the native population who had been treated as second class since the Stor's arrival.


The Wintergleamers profess miscellaneous religions including the Sheepist Church.


The Common Tongue is the only language that is spoken by the Wintergleamers.

Stereotypes about the Wintergleamers: farmers, gold-diggers, sheep-lovers.