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Flag Araxion5.png


Motto: Gnæfandi og Míla Breiður ("Towering and miles wide")
Feudal Status: Royal Precinct
Capital: Araxion Tower
Largest Cities: Araxion Tower, Visqeoor

Local Leadership Title: Count of Araxion
Local Government: Feudal
Current leader: Audun Joel Ayreon-Kalirion

Local language: Common Tongue, Froyalanish
Local Religion: Froyalanish Ancient Ways, Treesianism, Bovic Faith

The County of Araxion is a Royal Precinct of the Elwynnese Union. It is situated in the Ancient Midlands of the Lands of the Two Sacred Rivers. Being the area where the White Orchid Lady grew up as well as the place where the investiture of the King of Elwynn takes place, the lands of Araxion are of tremendous historical, religious, cultural and legal value to the people of Elwynn.


In mythology Utas, the Treesian God of Light, was believed to have brought the young Lady Divine Elwynn to this area, which since ancient times is considered the traditional source of the sacred River Elwynn. He also built a tall tower at the spot of the banks of the aforesaid Great Sacred River of Benacia to protect the Lady Elwynn from all kinds of evil forces, including her twin brother Lest. The tower served it purpose well and the Lady Elwynn grew up happily, joyfully and safely, and it is here that the Goddess Elwynn developed Her love of the forest of ancient lore.

There is some belief amongst Antiquarians and Ethnographers that the legends that have grown up around the Tower are a reflection of the role Araxion played in the prehistoric development of the proto-Elw 'Culture Groups'. It was from this ancestral homeland that the Elw, first as hunter-gatherers and then as pastoralists, would eventually expand outwards to dominate the north of Benacia, and in so doing give rise to the myriad tribes and warbands that would cause the early Shirerithian Kaisers such consternation that they were obliged to site their Imperial Captial at Shirekeep in order to defend and ultimately - at the expense of much blood and treasure - pacify the region.

The County of Araxion was formally created in the year 1510 with the establishment of its borders by Duke Richard Lyon, although Richard Lyon, at the time Baron of Land between the Rivers, had in 1509 already conferred the title Count of Araxion upon Harald of Ettlingar Freyu prior to dispatching him to Vijayanagara during the days of the War of Vengeance to increase the prestige of his mission to organize the defence of the city; a mission which ultimately led to Elwynn's crushing victory in the Battle of Vijayanagara.

Counts of Araxion


The territory of Araxion is divided in thirteen Bailiwicks, to wit:

  • Amareazerk;
  • Ankoolmerinde;
  • Araxion Tower;
  • enu Eltezion;
  • enu Juukillion;
  • Erdesbevaaq;
  • Fort Eluin;
  • Kornerbuxuun;
  • Llaadureoo;
  • Lokeovumnu;
  • Rendozerk;
  • Timzakaai;
  • Visqeoor.


The County of Araxion has a total population of 16,671,870 people.

People of Elwynn Population Size Percentage
Absentians 12,965 0.08%
Amokolians 550,536 3.30%
Babkhi 2,093,504 12.56%
Boreals 12,024 0.07%
Cimmerians 12,458 0.07%
Elfinshi 730,452 4.38%
Elw 9,102,503 54.60%
Farewellish 119,521 0.72%
Froyalanish 2,389,023 14.33%
Norse 211,231 1.27%
Tapferites 202,203 1.21%
Haraldian Wintergleamish 77,421 0.46%
Other Elwynnese or Shirerithian 12,995 0.08%
Resident aliens 145,034 0.87%

Sites of Interest


  • The Precinct Yeomanry of the County of Araxion is called Ridari Mindonoon, which means Knights of the Tower in the Elw language.