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The Konungstekja ("royal investiture") was the live-televised (with much detail) investiture ceremony of King Noah upon his coming of age in 1632. The ceremony was an acted out Froyalanish play where Noah was "married" to the "goddess Elwynn". Noah and "Elwynn" then engaged in a ritual bath where Noah suckled her breasts and drank her milk. Thereafter, to the tunes of a choir singing the Ballad of the Bed of Orchids (from where "Plow my vulva!" is a memorable line in the public consciousness), Noah and his bride consummated the "union" before the cameras. During the sexual act, Noah kept sucking the milk out of his "wife".

The official script of the Konungstekja can be found here.

See also Froyalanish sexual rites.