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An Absentian Woman in deep thought.
A Cabsentian Farmer on his homestead.

The Absentians are a population group which was, until the year 1644 when they were merged into the Amokolians by a Royal Writ issued by the King of Elwynn, one of the Twelve Peoples of Elwynn.


Cabsentians are a subset of the Absentian population group which is predominantly composed of farmers. The Cabsentians first rose to prominence during the stay of Simon Barentsz-Edward in Northern Absentia (an island currently part of Stormark). Barentsz-Edward reformed the cabbage agriculture on the island and poisoned Elijah Ayreon, the Prince of Elwynn. After repercussions from the Duke of Elwynn, the Cabsentians fled Elwynn. Simon's son, Warner Barentsz and a large group of Cabsentians started farming in Kitanus Fields from where they attacked the city of Shirekeep, leading to the Cabbage Crisis. The Cabsentians in Kitanus Fields were forced to flee when the province was attacked by the Garlicians. Some of them now live in Warnerscolony in the Jingdaoese province of Overantya, others live in Michaelionsdorp in Cape Farewell, Elwynn, others still live on the island of Gong in Jingdao. Those who live in Gong tend to be followers of Mordechai Kraut, who was Minister of Military Affairs during the Kildari secession and whose loyalty to the Imperial Republic was flaky.

Most Cabsentians are either supporters or members of the Coalition of Absentian Farmers which:

  • opposes separatist movements in Elwynn;
  • wishes to legalize the production of all varieties of cabbage;
  • wishes that Duke Alaiaon is recognized as the true ruler of Elwynn during the period of independence.

Notable Cabsentians

  • Simon Barentsz-Edward: leader of the carabineers of Northern-Absentia, poisoned Prince Elijah.
  • Warner Barentsz: leader of the rebelling cabbage farmers who sacked Shirekeep.
  • Mordechai Kraut: Minister of Military Affairs who mutinied against Shireroth.
  • Bennie Barentsz: peaceful farmer