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Elwynn, briefly known as Froyalan, is a former Shirerithian duchy in northern Benacia, historically lying between the two forks of the River Elwynn. It was one of the oldest duchies of Shireroth, being founded by Scott Alexander in 2001.


Elwynn was founded 4 March 2001 by Scott Alexander. This began a peaceful era in Elwynn's history. Not much happened except for a brief period when Ivan Ventura was named duke (although he never really turned up). Scott made a coup and reinstated himself as duke.

Elvish Period

Later, Sirithil nos Fëanor was made duchess for a short while before being exiled due to tri-citizenship laws. She named Mari Greenwood her heir. During the rule of these two "women", the culture of Elwynn began focusing on Elves and Elvish magick. A legend unfolded around the White Stagg, a mythical creature for the Elves of Shireroth. Elwynn had become a home away from home for the Menelmacari diaspora.

Hyperborea, then a barony under Elwynn, was getting more and more active, more active than Elwynn itself. Kaiser Mors III, in a highly contoversial move, proposed a bill to the Landsraad to make Hyperborea a duchy and Elwynn a barony, and, after heated debate, it passed. Mari Greenwood left the nation and Ardashir Khan was promoted to Baron of Elwynn.

Ardashirian Period

Ardashir began a vast "de-Elvenization" of the lands. In fiction (it should be said, of good quality) this amounted to a genocide of the Elvish population (now termed Elfinshi). The Hyperborean rulers grew weary and tried to stop Ardashir from "destroying" the culture of Elwynn. He was removed as baron, but quickly reinstated after calls from the Babkhan Shah and other pressure groups. Ardashir was free to continue doing his work.

Andelarionian Period

Eventually, Ardashir left. Elwynn was demoted to a county. Ric Lyon joined Elwynn and was appointed Count of Elwynn by the Pan-Hyperborean Council. He quickly began work on cultural projects, trying to reconcile and conjoin the different cultures of the county. Soon, Arminy joined, and Elwynn was transferred to Arminian rule under the Barony of Hurmu. When Arminy left, Elwynn was made a barony under Brookshire with Conglacio as the first baron. The population of Elwynn grew larger and larger, and it did not take long until Elwynn was made a full duchy again, now with Ric Lyon (Andelarion) as duke.

With Elwynn being so strong in population terms, there were concerns from some, particularly Kaiseress Semisa I and Bill Dusch, that Elwynn would declare itself disloyal to the Kaiser(ess) and even independence from Shireroth. Their fears were not realized.

There were now in Elwynn strong cultural projects. The Phoenix Forest story was written by Ardashir, Ozarka Monto and Greg Russell and revolved around a fictitious hypothetical return of the Elfinshi people to Elwynn. Other stories were being published, from authors as diverse as Scott Alexander and Ryan Caruso.

Froyalanish Period

Now, Shireroth fell inactive, but Elwynn remained a duchy. After the short era of Mahamantot I, Shireroth became active again. As Duke Andelarion being absent, the Kaiser decided to give the ducal throne of Elwynn to Harald of Ettlingar Freyu, who quickly changed the name of the duchy from Elwynn to Froyalan ("Freya's land" in a Norwegian-Frisian hybrid), something that did not come without opposition.

It was in the wake of The Troubled Demise of Hasan I that the distinctive Froyalan cultural period came to a close. The machinations behind it remain unclear to this day but after the 'assassination' of Kaiser Hasan I, Duke Harald felt it prudent to abdicate in favour of Count Hasan - the 'nephew' of the late Kaiser.

Hasan the Fleeting

The only decree of Duke Hasan the Fleeting was a well-received one to restore the ancestoral name of Elwynn to the Duchy. Not long after this he was unceremoniously deposed by his erstwhile protegee Andelarion, who now gloried in the title of Kaiser Ayreon after being installed on the Mango Throne by the posthumous decree of the late Kaiser Hasan.

Reign of Ardashir Moqtada al-Osmani

In the place of the deposed Jayatar-Kalir was installed Ardashir Moqtada al-Osmani, the Khan of Vijayanagara, who was, in the narrative of Elwynn's political simulation, a descendent of the original Baron Ardashir. Incidentally it is worth noting that the regicidal assassin who enacted the brutal slaying of Kaiser Hasan I was a certain Ardashir Moqtada al-Osmani. Truly have many curious things come to pass.

Coup Attempt and Debabkhanization

After the defeat of a Babkhan coup attempt,lead by partisans of the late Hasan I, Hyperborea lead a gentle de-Babkha-ification of Elwynn, leading to a restoration of traditional folkways and a renaissance of architecture and other arts. Kaiser Loki III made the leader of the Hyperboreans Lord Protector of Elwynn to rule in the place of the absent Duke.

Reign of Iskander Mirkdale

After a brief period of history that has yet to be recovered, Iskander Mirkdale took the Ducal throne of Elwynn and began a prosperous period in the Duchy's history. This was short lived however as the Duke became inactive, only checking in on his Duchy at various intervals. During this time the culture of Elwynn slowly declined and was supported almost only by Scott Alexander. With the arrival of a new citizen Andrew Allot, a new day was dawning on Elwynn. Allot quickly rose through the ranks of Shireroth and became a prominent citizen.

Around 3524 ASC the people of Elwynn decided that the inactivity of the Duke Iskander was unacceptable and Scott, Rai, and Allot spearheaded a rebellion to depose the Duke. This became known as the White Lily Revolt. When the revolt failed and Iskander declared Jacobus Loki the new Duke, the halls of Eliria once again fell quiet.

This transition also marked a change in the system that governed the Ducal succession. A Line of Succession was established by Iskander before stepping down. This line could be enforced by the Council of Eliria under conditions that are defined in the Council rules.

End of the Duchy of Elwynn

With the end of the duchy system, the Elwynnese duchy was succeeded by the House of Kalir, independent Elwynn, the Coordinated State of Elwynn and finally the Elwynnese Union.