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Line of Kalir
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Progenitor: Los I
Patron: Daniel Simrani-Kalirion (before 1631) - Isabella Simrani-Kalirion (after 1631)

Cypher of Kaiser Hasan I
Early emblem of Kaiser Hasan I

Kaiser Hasan I, Babkhan of ethnic origin - adopted into the bloodline of Kalir after becoming Count of Hyperborea, ascended the throne in the wake of the disputed succession of Mors V. Instigated reforms to the economy and led the Imperial Republic to victory in the War of Jeremy's Nose. Died a victim of Regicide at the instigation of the Khan of Vijayanagara in the city of Ardashirshahr in the year 1541. He was the first Kaiser to be disowned by his own family after his death.[1].

Imperial Decrees

Later emblem of Kaiser Hasan I

Imperial Decrees Made By This Kaiser: Imperial Decree 280, Imperial Decree 282, Imperial Decree 283,Imperial Decree 284,Imperial Decree 285, Imperial Decree 286, Imperial Decree 287

Steward Decrees Made Under This Kaiser: Imperial Decree 281

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Preceded by:
Loki II
Kaiser of Shireroth
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Harald of Froyalan
Duke of Elwynn
Succeeded by:
Ardashir II