Line of Kalir

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Line of Kalir
Shield kalirion.png

Los I - Los II - Los III
Yarad I - Hasan I - Ayreon
Ikol II - Hasan II - Aiomide

Progenitor: Los I
Patron: Daniel Simrani-Kalirion (before 1631) - Isabella Simrani-Kalirion (after 1631)

Line: Kalir
Progenitor: Los I
Established: 1018

Bio: The Line of Kalir is a Bloodline of Hyperborean origin with nine Kaisers to date, including the regnant Kaiser. Los I, II, and III, named for the God of Justice, have been historically known for the superb dealings with other nations and attempts to peaceably resolve unrest within Shireroth. However, the reign of Los II was notably one of the most socially turbulent times in Shirerithian history.

Line of Octavius

From 5089 ASC the Kaiser Aiomide claimed descent from the House of Kalir although he subsequently renounced association with the bloodline in a fit of pique over his failure to negotiate a convoluted series of land-swaps intended to bring the Neo-Indic Kingdom of Aryasht, the sole remnant of the Antican Republic, into the Empire. Aiomide subsequently founded the Line of Octavius through Imperial Decree 635.