Kaiser Ikol II

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Line of Kalir
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Progenitor: Los I
Patron: Daniel Simrani-Kalirion (before 1631) - Isabella Simrani-Kalirion (after 1631)

Kaiser Ikol II was Kaiser of Shireroth from 1565 until 1566.

His short reign had many changes and accomplishments. To tone down the drama of previous reigns, he instituted a tradition of loyalty oaths in which his subjects promised not to rebel or ragequit. He reformed the Landsraad, tripling the number of people with votes and granting access to the majority of the Shirerithian population for the first time and reforming the noble title system to a more manageable structure. He created a new coat of arms for the country, and individual coats of arms for each Noble House. He found a conlanger to officially restart work on the national language, Praeta Sxirothes, after a long hiatus caused by the departure of Gryphon Avocatio. And he created a new forum style to replace Shireroth's old and frequently mocked blue-bubbles pattern.

Also during his reign, Shyriath Bukolos continued work on his vector map of Shireroth, and Ramadan Tarekseev reformed the Shirerithian Association Football League.

However, his time in office failed to arrest the slow bleeding away of Shirerithian citizens. The formerly great house of Tessier-Ashpool completely collapsed with the emigrations of Icebreaker and Ari Rahikkala, following on the loss of many citizens from Eluinea and Yardistan in previous reigns. And Operation Light Blue Octopus, a military plan to annoy Antican citizen Elliot Markham, was more effective than anyone had anticipated and ended up nearly driving him out of micronations, something which left Shireroth with some egg on its face. There was also continuous conflict between the Kaiser and Erik Mortis, who opposed many of his reforms.

At the end of his reign, he abdicated in favor of Shyriath.

Imperial Decrees

Imperial Decrees and Orders made by this Kaiser: Imperial Decree 466.

  • Dissolution of House Tessier-Ashpool
  • Re-establishment of Duchies
  • Director of Constructed Language
  • Grant of Titles
  • Congratulations
  • Kildare to Major House
  • Flag Day
  • Land Tax

Preceded by:
Anandja II‎
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Kaiser B'caw I