Ari Rahikkala

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Minister of the Interior
Name Ari Rahikkala
Office Minister of the Interior
Entered Office
Left Office Incumbent
Political Information
Predecessor Fax Celestis
Successor Incumbent
Former Offices
Concurrent Offices None
Later Offices

Ari Rahikkala is a respected micronationalist with a long history in Istvanistan, Shireroth and Apollo Sector nations. He has been famous off-topic personality, once working as the bartender/equivalent of dozens of different national off-topic fora. The climax of this time was the creation and promotion of the Grand Unification Bar in Istvanistan.

His more serious cultural contributions consist of some short stories, the different incarnations of Straylight (Straylight has, in chronological order, been a duchy, a barony, and a county, and a duchy again), and multiple varied little pieces of different media. In addition, he's eager to provide technical support to micronationalists in computing-related matters and has created a few pieces of software over his career that have been of varying importance. The most significant one was the IMN Bank, an early automated micronational bank back in the time of the Flying Islands of Jasonia.

In real life, Ari lives in Finland and is currently studying computer science at the University of Oulu. He's a supporter of free software, a reader of science fiction, and in many other ways a geek. He's also had a year of military training (wherein he proved to be a decent shot with the RK-62), and he's probably also taller than you.


Ari constantly uses the word "Yar" to confirm that he has completed a request for a change on the forums. Many people find this annoying. But we tolerate it because... well, otherwise he wouldn't do any of the other stuff.

Contacting Ari

Since his semi-official unofficial job as the administrator of Shireroth's forum involves being easy to contact, here's a partial list of ways he's available:

  • email
  • on AIM as Ari Rahikkala
  • on ICQ as 72512646
  • on MSN as
  • on several IRC networks as ari, notably IRCnet and
  • on every forum in Shireroth, but please use the Ministry of the Interior forum for matters related to forum administration