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Istvanistan (formerly Chaocracy of Istvanistan, Republic of Istvanistan) was a Slavic themed nation operating from about 2000 to 2004. It survived longer as a strange "off-topic" where a few of its old citizens continued to converse.

The Republic

The Republic of Istvanistan was formed by Stjepan Aracic (aka Tomislav Trpmirovic) in 2000. Stjepan, formerly a citizen of Apolyton Independent Nation, founded his own micronation instead of participating in the general resurrection of Audentior a few months later. He gathered about ten or twenty friends to help him construct Istvanistan, which was a parliamentary democracy. Notable Istvanistani single citizens included Glissando and bnham; notable double citizens included dStryker and Glissando.

The Republic first came onto the intermicronational scene by opening relations with the Flying Islands of Jasonia in April 2000. The Apollo Sector considered it a sort of long-lost brother, but Istvanistan, like Shireroth, was wary of calling itself Apollonian.

The Republic died due to lack of activity on November 7, 2000. November 7 is still the official Shirerithian holiday of Istvanistan Day.

The Chaocracy and Beyond

Years later, Stjepan, who remained in micronationalism through the Tymarian years, refounded Istvanistan as a chaocracy, based sort of on a combination of the works of Aleister Crowley and heavy metal bands such as Fields of the Nephilim. This incarnation of Istvanistan never got much of a government, but was known for its active and anything-goes Off-Topic. Among its most famous creations were the "What is the capital of Turkey?" thread and the "ducks, glue, and sandpaper" meme. There were also a number of other, more obscure in-jokes, especially references to nanites.

Ari Rahikkala, Stjepan Aracic, Hesam Jahandar, Drogean of Babkha, and Erik Mortis were among the most active participants in this incarnation of Istvanistan.

Istvanistan Today

Istvanistan never officially declared itself dead, and still receives the stray off-topic post. It is most notaby as an island on the MCS Map, which is still officially called the Istvanistan Island despite long since having new occupants.