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Progenitor: Los I
Patron: Daniel Simrani-Kalirion (before 1631) - Isabella Simrani-Kalirion (after 1631)

Scott Alexander took the name Kaiser Los III upon succeeding Kaiser Alejian I as ruler of Shireroth on July 31st, 2005. He abdicated September 20th of the same year in favor of Kaiser Yarad I.


Los initiated the creation of the ShireWiki. Although Minister of Information Osmose did most of the technical work setting it up, the Kaiser designed the layout himself, basing it in part on Wikipedia. The Kaiser also decided to rename it MicroWiki, to institute category and size rules, and was instrumental in promoting it intermicronationally and gaining the old MicroWiki articles.

Although not very involved, Los' reign saw James Raine launch the first paid advertisement recruitment campaign, bringing in many new citizens. It was also during his reign that Nick Leghorn first became a Shirerithian.

Los had been the original founder of SNARL, and promoted it with its first full-scale conflict, the Jaris War. Although it was not a complete success, it was also not a total failure, and Shireroth developed many military traditions and tactics that will be in use for a long time to come.

Based on a similar system in Natopia, Los and Minister of the Exterior Eoin Dornan set up the DiploCorps, a system of ambassadors to foreign nations that will hopefully help end traditional Shirerithian isolationism.


Although Los planned to set up an economy, he delayed for a long time in doing so. New citizen Shacia Seliny proposed an alternative plan in the interim, which gathered a lot of support. Unwilling to go along with Shacia's plan, but also unwilling to push through his own plan without complete approval, he was unable to see any progress in the economy during his tenure.

Los hoped to revitalized religious life. While, towards the end of his reign Shyriath made some interesting proposals, religious life in general remained unrevitalized.

Succession and Legacy

After school started again, Los did not have the time to deal with many of his duties, and his nerves were wearing thin based on the economy and other issues. He announced his plans for early abdication, and five people announced their interest in succeeding him. After a long time, listening to proposals from each, and consulting with his advisors, Los chose Eoin Dornan, who took the royal name Kaiser Yarad I.

Los is known by the epithet radarai, or "scribe", for his work on the Wiki.

Imperial Decrees Made By This Kaiser: Imperial Decree 183, Imperial Decree 184, Imperial Decree 185, Imperial Decree 187, Imperial Decree 188, Imperial Decree 189, Imperial Decree 190

Steward Decrees Made Under This Kaiser: Imperial Decree 186

Preceded by:
Alejian I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Yarad I