House of Kalir

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Line of Kalir
Shield kalirion.png

Los I - Los II - Los III
Yarad I - Hasan I - Ayreon
Ikol II - Hasan II - Aiomide

Progenitor: Los I
Patron: Daniel Simrani-Kalirion (before 1631) - Isabella Simrani-Kalirion (after 1631)

The House of Kalir is a Shirerithian noble house. For a time the ruling house of the Imperial Sate of Elwynn, the House had grown to be the largest house, in terms of membership, in all of Shireroth. It was formally established in 3884 as a response to the series of structural changes in Shireroth which made the old duchy system redundant and its staying power has ensured that it remains at the core of the Elwynnese identity long after those reforms crumbled into dust.

The leader of the House of Kalir, titled "Patron", is Daniel Simrani-Kalirion. A member of the house is called Kalirion, a word that also may be used as an adjective of or relating to the House of Kalir.


The 182 Bailiwicks of the Coordinated State of Elwynn were ruled by the Court of the Prince headed by the Conducator of Elwynn who is Patron of the House of Kalir and its Line.