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Evil, Immortal & Insane. Former Shah of Babkha and secret ruler of everywhere else. In no way associated with A Small Goose.

Briefly Steward of Shireroth under Kaiser Ayreon. Elected as Steward of Kaiseress Anandja I by the Landsraad in 3639 ASC.

Ardashir currently reigns as Kaiser Aurangzeb.

A modern image of The Khan of Vijayanagara, circa 2009.

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Often regarded or portrayed as Evil, Immortal & Insane Ardashir has been Shah of Babkha on two separate occasions (2002-2003 & 2005-2007). Joining Babkha on May 29 2001 Ardashir, a British university graduate saddled with a mediocre career outside of micronations, can be said to have taken the archetype of the scheming evil Grand Vizier and explored it thoroughly, making it his own in the process of evolving from a sly Jaffar to a brutal Timur.

Ardashir has been noted for his almost singular ability to start wars and conflicts of varying levels of seriousness in almost all the corners of the microworld. Perceptive and shrewd on occasion but also brutal, Ardashir is not known to suffer fools gladly, except for when they suit his purpose or he is being one himself. Ardashir allegedly "invented" Recwar in August 2001.

Constantly plotting, Ardashir's first loyalty is to Babkha which he self-identifies with a great deal, but in all other regards his loyalties tend to be fluidic.

In Babkhan politics Ardashir has been consistently on the nationalist right of the spectrum though he is not bound by ideology and has in the past made successful alliances with communists, republicans and monarchists. Very much an individual Ardashir knows his own mind and comes to his own conclusions and his observations tend to be sardonic in the extreme.

Of the simulationist branch of micronationalism Ardashir tends perhaps to be in the minority when regarding recwar as the continuation of simulated politics by other means, however as he points out it is preferable to the alternatives such as hacking and forum deletion.

For much of his micronational career Ardashir has been hostile to the importation of roleplay into micronationalism though he is not above using elements of it when it suits his purpose. In terms of micronational culture this antipathy has become almost a folk memory of an extreme xenophobia towards 'elves'. Infamously resulting in a series of culture wars that have affected the culture of Shireroth.

Since fighting the Circum Raynor War in 2006, in which he died, Ardashir has extended his presence into other micronations such as New Brittania where his suggestions are often carried out without any consideration for the sanity of such plans due to the almost certain eventuality of humourous conclusions. However following the mention of elves Ardashir left micronationalism for three months following the resignation of all his citizenships, including his much prized citizenship in Babkha. However following a poster campaign resembling those used to find lost pets which was carried out by Jeremy Bellamy Ardashir returned. At this time Babkha was in a desperate state and this was blamed on the Grand Commonwealth by many Babkhans, consequently a struggle for independance would follow which would see the return of many Babkhans from Ardashirs earlier reigns as Shah.

Eventually this struggle would be won, and to this day Ardashir can be found in Babkha in his new position as Chief Justice.

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A Catalogue of Conflict


1st Babkhano-Treesian War (War of the Orchids)

Overthrow of the Juan Pablo Var Grand Vizierate in Babkha

Cold War with Communists/Atterrans


2nd Babkhano-Treesian War (the Babkha-e Jihad & Treesian Crusade)

3rd Babkhano-Treesian War (Skerries Fluster Cluck)

The Mondesian Genocide


4th Babkhano-Treesian War


The Lighthouse War

Baracaoan Proto-Civil War

The Elwynnese Genocide

The Amity Massacre


Cibolan War

Jaris War

War of Vengeance

Istvanistani War of Independence

Sullifree War

War of Mondesian Liberation


The Circum-Raynor War

Taylor Bay War


Eorlthéod war of independence

2008: The War of Jeremy's Nose

2009: The Amokolian War

The Ohl'Tar War

Khan's Total War

Other Information

Ardashir's hobbies include reading, writing, the consumption of alcohol, decadent city breaks, travelling abroad, military history, shooting wood pigeons in the back garden and generally being a pain in the arse.

Preceded by:
Mari Greenwood
Baron of Elwynn
Succeeded by:
Richard Lyon as Count