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A unique fantasy-themed nation founded on the outskirts of the Apollo sector in October 11, 2000. The original Treesia was technically founded by Thomas Hubert, but everybody usually tries to not think of that too much. Most of the nifty Treesian history occurred during the time of the Barony of Treesia and Fabon. During this time, Treesia was a much-loved, frequently visited close friend of Shireroth's. It had a rich culture and saw the creation of works of great significance, such as the Book of the Orchids. Other significant works from this period have been archived at The Grand Archive.

There were plans to merge Shireroth and Treesia with relatively wide popular support in 2004. However, the proposal got shot down by the traditionalists, most significantly Erik who was Kaiser at the time.

The nation was closed down on May 23 2004 after prolonged moribundity and several attempts at revival (including a rather respectable attempt to go out with a bang, called the Treesian Apocalypse - although the bang didn't get very big in the end). Sir Iain De Vembria then completely missed the point and founded the Sovereign Order of Treesia, had it become corrupted and join The Great Satan, and generally refused to let sleeping (talking) dogs lie.


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