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(This is an older article. Recent information leads us to believe that the Grand Commonwealth is no more)

Gcflag.gif Flag of the Grand Commonwealth

The Grand Commonwealth was officially launched on April 29th, 2005 after many months of secret planning. The Commonwealth was formed when five nations handed over their authority for Foreign Affairs and Defence to a central Parliament. The nations remained sovereign in every other sense.

The five founding members were the Republic of Aerlig, Kingdom of Babkha, Sovereign Order of Treesia, Kingdom of Alteria and the Empire of Lemuria. The nations are united under the Charter of the Grand Commonwealth. Since this date, the Commonwealth membernations have been joined by one other nation, the Republic of Karnali.

The Commonwealth is governed by a Central Parliament called the Majlis-i-Dharma. At the beginning of each session, the MiD elects an executive officer known as the Taoiseach. The ceremonial head of state is known as the Shahan-Ri.

Member Nations

Key Citizens