Trevon Andarosel

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A Dutch/German micronationalist who joined Umbagollah in march 2000. A year later he found the micronational community due to interaction with Thomas Mountain of Bathland and Shah Babak XXIV of Babkha. After hanging around for three years on several micronational forums, he finally joined Babkha in April 2004 as Darius Rugahi. In Babkha he became Satrap of Kelestan after winning the world cup soccer tournament in Ratelon. A third name Trevon used is Willem Kanaal (in the Dutch micronational sector). Under this name he became the second prince-regent and interim-chancellor of Victoria. Trevon has been involved in the following nations and projects: - Umbagollah - Istvanistan (after it ceased to be a micronation) - Babkha - Charlotta (before the revolution) - Victoria - The Dutch and English version of his newspaper "De Noorderzon" (external links) In real life Trevon is making progress in his attempts of becoming a mad scientist.