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Mari Greenwood was an Elwynnese noblewoman of Menelmacari and Elvish descent. She is best known for her Ducal and Baronial Reign in Elwynn in which she served as Fifth Ruler and Fifth Duchess (1476-1488) as well as Sixth Ruler and First Baroness (1488-1488).


Mari was a ruler who was not terribly concerned with the (often tedious) business of ruling her Duchy, but all the more with feasting - she was the creator of the Perpetual Feast - as well as indulging herself and her clueless coterie of syncophants in luxuries, orgies, hedonism and extravagancies. Her reign would have been a far cry from notable if her neglect of the government of her Ducal Realm had not led to Kaiser Mors III putting her on a Trial of Assessment in the year 1487, which ultimately led to the demotion of Elwynn from a Duchy to a Barony in early 1488. Testament to Mari's delusions of grandeur, arrogance and complacent confidence as well as her neglect of the government of Elwynn was the fact that she did not even bother to show up at her Trial of Assessment.

Preceded by:
Duchess of Elwynn
Succeeded by:
Mari Greenwood as Baroness
Preceded by:
Mari Greenwood as Duchess
Baroness of Elwynn
Succeeded by:
Ardashir Khan