White Lily Revolt

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3524-3533 ASC

Closely following the event known as "Switch day" dated April 1[3526 ASC] (with some minor leeway due to deviation from the Apollo Standard Time) some emboldened Counts and Barons of the Duchy of Elwynn grew tired of the inactivity of their Duke Iskander Mirdale.

The first rumors of insurgency began on approximately March 30 [3524 ASC] when the Baron of Kai-Raikoth Scott Alexander approached Andrew Allot in his castle in Araxion. Rumor has it that the pair plotted the whole night before a passing peasant of the county spotted Scott leaving the castle through the hole left behind by an unfortunate display of BoOo/\/\ist devotion (which has greatly increased Allot heating bills from what I have gathered). A few days passed without much word from either of these concerned parties. Current events though point at the involvement of the Baron Eliria Rai Avon-El on April 1 [3526 ASC]. Trustworthy sources have witnessed Scott approaching Rai for support in his planned insurgency.

Many couriers passed between the three parties and Allot was decided as the figurehead for the revolution as Scott claims that his goal is merely the revitalization of the Duchy of Elwynn and that he does not seek to claim power.

The trio raised their flag in a message entitled "Raising the rebel flag" on March 2 [3527 ASC] declaring their intent to overthrow the Duke. Unfortunately the coup that should have gone off quite quietly was stalled by the sudden return of none other than Iskander. Either by pure happenstance and luck or from an insider source the Duke had made his return in Shireroth. A conversation between the Duke and the Baron Scott (currently recorded in the rebel's thread) does point to the nature of his quick return.

In a surprisingly short period of time Duke Iskander made several decrees aimed at dismantling his opposition. Decrees XXXIII to XXXVIII resulted in the complete obliteration of Kai-Raikoth (an attempt to strip Scott of his power), and the appointment of a new citizen of Shireroth Leo Dine as the Steward. The power-play was well planed by the Duke but had a few fatal flaws the most prominent being the assumption the Leo would side with him.

Also due to his extended absence Iskander's ability to enforce his law in Elwynn has waned as his military power is not significant. This emboldened the rebels who completely ignored the Decrees and have appointed Allot as the Duke by the grace of the Goddess. The Duke's appeal to the Minister of the Interior to enforce the Decrees was contested by Allot himself who has made his own Decree to abolish those made by Iskander earlier.

As news of the rebellion spread across all of Shireroth's Counties, Baronies and Duchy have rushed to support either Iskander or Allot. To this point those supporting Allot are: Brookshire, Atterock, Hallucination and Straylight all offering their military support as well. Opposing them stands: Lac Glacie, McCallavre, Eastern Absentia, Lesser Attera, and the Steward of Shireroth.

On April 4 [3529 ASC] Iskander was seen petitioning in the Kaiser's Court. The documentation of the petition reveals that he was seeking aid in quelling the rebellion by cutting to the quick of the matter and declaring the entire act illegal. But instead of receiving the support he expected the Kaiser decided to remain out of the matter unless completely necessary. This act was either an unfathomably cleaver plan (only conceivable to great and mighty Kaiser) to maintain activity in Shireroth, or complete and utter laziness (no offense intended your Nifftyness). On the same day Scott of Hyperborea arrived at the Council of Eliria where he put forth a Proposal to the council that would effectively get the Kaiser to recognize Allot as the new Duke.

As the respective Barons and Counts gathered in Eliria for the Council no headway seemed to be made as the current Duke rushed around Shireroth attempting to secure his power and Allot and Scott where attempting to pull him down. In the mean time a controversial speech was made in the Council by Nehani Eiserdion calling the people of Elwynn to rise up against Duke Iskander which sparked some conflict when the Duke claimed the speech to be a personal attack in an attempt to have Scott (Who represented Nehani Eiserdion) banned from speaking in the Council for three days.

Scott proposed that Leo Dine, newly appointed Steward of Elwynn, act as the presiding member over this sitting of the council. The Baron of Nordland arrived latter that day and took lead of the council. In an effort to reduce confusion Leo immediately declared that the matter of the rebellion be addressed solely by the council and that Iskander's recent decrees be deferred till the completion of the council. As it stands should it come down to a vote the outcome is still up in the air as Allot no longer has a vote and Leo and Nathen have yet to declare their allegiance to either side.

The actions of the council proceeded until it became apparent that Iskander had once again disappeared from the Council. The nobles decided that they would present the matter before the Landsrrad should the Duke remain silent for too long. On the day that the bill was to be moved to the Landsraad [3533 ASC] Iskander returned to Elwynn and in an ingenious power play passed another series of decrees that effectively stopped his opposition short. First he announced that he was stepping down, which removed any valid reason for the people of Elwynn to revolt. Second he appointed Jacobus Loki, a loyal friend, the new Duke of Elwynn against who the people hold no reproach. Finally he decreed a line of succession that effectively assured that Allot would never be Duke.

On April 8 [3533 ASC] the Elwynn revolt came to an unsuccessful conclusion.