Andrew Allot

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Name Allot
Title Count of Araxion
Positions Praetor, MiniEx, Baroness of Iserdia, Countess of Araxion
Former Positions Minister of Information, Duke of Elwynn
Character Information
Current Incarnation Isabelle Allot
Home Araxion
Information Half Elfinshi

Andrew Allot (referred to by most by his last name "Allot") is a citizen of Shireroth who immigrated some time during March of 2009. As an active and thoughtful citizen Allot quickly rose through the ranks of the country and was appointed Minister of Information in early April 2009.


Andrew Allot I

As Duke, Andrew Allot was most famous for frequently disappearing under improbable circumstances.

Andrew Allot, as he became know to Shirithians, immigrated suddenly and was appointed Minister of Information by the Landsraad. Scott Alexander, convinced that Allot was a member of the Old Boys' Club masquerading as a newbie, suggested to him via secret messenger pigeon that he would be a good candidate to replace the current inactive Duke of Elwynn, Isaknder Mirkdale. This they did, with the White Lily Revolt. It (eventually) succeeded, and Allot was made Duke of Elwynn. Andrew Allot spent most of his time as Duke asleep, kidnapped, or unconscious, thus earning him the title "Duke of Funny Turns". The first such incident occurred soon after his coronation, when Allot was kidnapped by hobgoblins working for Baron Leo Dine. It turned out to be a misunderstanding, although it took quite a bit of the Armed Forces to figure that out.

Soon after The Great Thaw, two spirits (coincidentally the avatars of Lest and Elwynn) escaped from an ancient Treesian temple and possessed Allot, leaving the Duchy in the hands of a rather unstable subordinate known as Sir William of Araxion. Although Andreas the Wise and other powerful wizards attempted to free the Duke, unfortunately the struggle between the two deities destroyed his mortal body and Duke Allot died soon after.

Andrew Allot is famous for: - Reinstating the ElwynnBrigaden

Isabelle Allot

Raised secretly in the forests of Araxion by the Elfinshi, Isabelle Allot is the daughter of Andrew Allot I, and Countess of Araxion. Isabelle is half-Elfinshi, her mother is unknown. Soon after her father's unfortunate death, she journeyed to Eliria, seat of Ducal power in Elwynn. In the city, which was under quarantine, she was apprehended by a member of the secret police and her traveling companion was imprisoned. Isabelle escaped and was rescued by an agent of Leo Dine. Isabelle's companion, meanwhile, was sentenced to death by the Baron of Eliria. Before the sentence could be carried out, Isabelle reached Duke Nathan and the Duke promptly banned corporal punishment.

Isabelle returned to Araxion as Countess. She has participated extensively in the Ohl'Tar Wars and is single-handedly responsible for the discovery of Narrativity. She is also Minister of the Exterior.

Aaden Allot

A rather dapper chap.

Accomplishments & Involvement

-Participant of The White Lily Revolt

-Founder of the Shireroth News Network

Position Held
Minister of Immigration and Naturalization
Minister of the Interior  N/A
Minister of Information    ✓
Minister of the Exterior    ✓
Minister of Military Affairs
Minister of Trade
Duke (Elwynn)    ✓
Steward (Elwynn)    ✓
Baron (Eliria)    ✓
Count (Araxion)    ✓
Praetor    ✓
Imperial Advisor    ✓
Steward of the Republic