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The Ohl'Tar were an ancient arachnoid race that alleged itself to be close to 47,000 years old. Their provenance and actual origins have never been satisfactorily explained. More recent paranormal researches conducted by Octavian carry the inference that the Ohl'tar bear a close relation to the Dæmonic hosts of Balgurd. Were that the case, humanity only narrowly avoided destruction on the occasion of their encounter.

The Ohl'Tar: inexplicably unpopular for a sentient species...

The Ohl'Tar Revolt

The Ohl'Tar had the misfortune to re-emerge during The Great Thaw into an era where the sensibilities of the age were once again turning towards a militantly Humanist supremacy. The Ohl'Tar were led by the xenophile count of Agnesia, Cho'Gall, who took up the banner after their leader Maigrenox perished at the hands of the two Babkhi merchants. These two gentlemen were Aqa al-Majeed Rasfanjani and Aqa Nouri al-Hubakki, who were on their way to Vijayanagara in Agnesia when they were confronted by the giant lisping-arachnid and promptly did the sensible thing and shot it.

An escalating war began with the Alumelith massacre of 1552 by the Ohl'Tar against an initially defenceless population and continued through the Arachnid Insurgency of 1553. This war was waged by the Ohl'Tar with a genocidal intent to cleanse Agnesia of its human population. Although the initial response of the Duchy of Elwynn's civilian government was confused at best, incoherent at worst, with the worst tending to become the normative response, the Imperial Government began to take a dim view of proceedings. This disapproval culminated in the deployment of weapons of mass-destruction, specifically Ikol Anti-Ballistic Missiles converted into ballistic missiles tipped with Thermobaric Warheads and other more exotic substances, which were launched in a salvo from the Missile Batteries of the Strategic Defence Initiative, an MoMA agency created and led by the Khan of Vijayanagara, in the Elw Year 1554 against the key infestation points in Agnesia.

The Imperial intervention had the effect of halting the genocial war of Ohl'Tar conquest so abruptly and effectively that the prevailing consensus amongst xenobiologists in the Coordinated State of Elwynn is that the involvement of the Khan of Vijayanagara amounted to an Extinction Event for the species.