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Agnesia is a Circuit of Elwynn and part of the County of Agnesia and Wintergleam.


In the past Agnesia was a County of Land of the Two Sacred Rivers and known as the County of Agnesia.

It also has been one of the counties of the Barony of Nordland within the Duchy Elwynn. This County was buried under inhabitable snow until The Great Thaw when an old civilization was freed from its confines of ice and lead into the Country of Shireroth by Cho'gall Dentarg.

The power of the Ohl'Tar was broken, and their populations dispersed by a missile strike on the city of Vijayanagara, that was authorised by the Minister of Military Affairs in the year 3597 ASC. This marking the first occasion in modern times when Imperial Forces used a city busting weapon against its own rebellious population.