Agnesia and Wintergleam

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Agnesia and Wintergleam
Flag Agnesia and Wintergleam.png

Arms Agnesia and Wintergleam.png

Motto: Utan villt vindar kalla, brottin lauf falla
Feudal Status: Royal Precinct
Capital: Moss
Largest Cities: Moss, Dragonskeep, Vijayanagara

Local Leadership Title: Count of Agnesia and Wintergleam
Local Government: Feudal
Current leader: Thingfrith Skullsplitter

Local language: Common Tongue, Hurmu Norse, Wintergleamish
Local Religion: Sheepist Church, Bovic Faith, Hurmudanish Faith

Agnesia and Wintergleam, also known as the County of Agnesia and Wintergleam or the Castle County or the Thaw County, is a Royal Precinct of the Elwynnese Union.


The County of Agnesia was one of the counties of the Barony of Nordland within Elwynn. This county was buried under inhabitable snow until The Great Thaw when an old civilization was freed from its confines of ice and lead into the Country of Shireroth by Cho'gall Dentarg.

The power of the Ohl'Tar was broken, and their populations dispersed by a missile strike on the city of Vijayanagara, that was authorised by the Minister of Military Affairs in the year 3597 ASC. This marking the first occasion in modern times when Imperial Forces used a city busting weapon against its own rebellious population.

From 1618 to 1624, the County was part of the Lands of Kiladôr. The County has adopted the old flag of Kiladôr.


The County of Agnesia and Wintergleam has a total population of 24,669,339 people.

People of Elwynn Population Size Percentage
Absentians 1013 0.00%
Amokolians 236,452 0.96%
Babkhi 3,895,242 15.79%
Boreals 103,030 0.42%
Cimmerians 21,541 0.09%
Elfinshi 176,266 0.71%
Elw 11,754,705 47.65%
Farewellish 201,539 0.82%
Froyalanish 1,310,255 5.31%
Norse 412,352 1.67%
Tapferites 201,452 0.82%
Haraldian Wintergleamish 5,708,360 23.14
Other Elwynnese or Shirerithian 345,902 1.40%
Resident aliens 301,230 1.22%


  • The Precinct Yeomanry of the County of Agnesia and Wintergleam is known as Snáwfyrd, which means Snow Fyrd in the Froyalanish and Wintergleamish languages.
  • The County of Agnesia and Wintergleam is also known as the Castle County because of the castle-like house called Alejian Castle that Harald of Ettlingar Freyu built on the coast of Wintergleam for Kaiser Alejian II in exchange of being granted the County of Wintergleam in the year 1516 as compensation for the loss of the County of Araxion. Alejian Castle is nowadays the holiday residence of the Prætor of the Landsraad.
  • Likewise is the County of Agnesia and Wintergleam also known as the Thaw County for the bulk of lands constituting Agnesia and Wintergleam became only inhabitable after The Great Thaw.