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A Tapferite information broker.

The Tapferites are one of the Twelve Peoples of Elwynn.


Tapferites first moved to Elwynn from Natopia during the reign of Duke Harald of Froyalan, settling mainly in the newly founded city of Smjörkyr. When Nathan Dariolin became leader of Iserdia many Tapferites also moved to Glenfiddich and Frieden. A community of Tapferites also live in Eliria following Nathan's reign as duke. The community expanded during Nathan's reign as prince of sovereign Elwynn. Some Tapferites have relocated in recent times to the city of Erion in western Amokolia.

Tapferites Today

Tapferites represent a combination of several Natopian ethnic groups: Mehl, Haas, Athlonic, and Draconian. Today they are culturally distinct from other Elw or Natopian groups. They retain some elements of Natopian traditions such as serving bagels and juice at public events, upholding the Bovic faith, and retaining a futuristic aesthetic in apparel and architecture. They have adopted Elw names for themselves and mainly speak Elw.