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Vijayanagara (officially named Alumelith 1544–1551) is an Elwynnese city and bailiwick in Agnesia (Agnesia and Wintergleam royal precinct). The city lies at the southern end of the Vijayanagara Fjord. The bailiwick borders Târâshahr in the south, B'cawshrine in the east, Vigeland in the west, and Alumelith in the north.

Vijayanagara received its city charter in c1490 along with Caligae, Civitas Nova, Glenfiddich, and Habrichtsburg, and remains therefore on a tied-second place of oldest continental Elwynnese cities. Site of the Battle of Vijayanagara in 1509 that marked the end of the War of Vengeance between Elwynn and Antya.

By the Donation of Elwynn, in 1494, the city was sanctified in honour of B'caw. A temple was erected with public funds in the outskirts of the city (then stil within the city limits), the urbanised area of which now constituting the bailiwick of B'cawshrine.

In 1544, the Hyperboreans invaded the city and declared a "New Order" for Elwynn. Babkhi names were purged across the country, and Vijayanagara was no exception. Although the architecture was mostly left intact, Babkhi names were removed from street signs, and the city's name was changed to Alumelith (a suburb to Vijayanagara is named Alumelith after the Hyperborean Alumelith monastery there).

However, the city was soon infested with Ohl'tar and Hyperborean defences of the city were thus weakened. Nationally, the Ohl'tar infestion saw great political upheaval, culminating in 1551 with the White Lily Revolt. Later the same year, the pro-Hyperborean dukes Iskander Mirkdale and Jacobus Loki were replaced by Andrew Allot. By ducal order, the name Vijayanagara was returned to the city, and in 1552, ducal forces (with the support of MoMA) regained the city in what was called the Massacre of Alumelith with missile bombardments. Along with the deaths of almost all Ohl'tar, most of the city's remnant population was killed, too.

The city has since its chartering been associated with the noble title Khan of Vijayanagara.


Viyanagara is an Agnesian name meaning "victory city". That name is traditionally rendered Mizaanara or Mizajenraa in Elw, although most commonly these days, the city is in Elw referred to as Vizajanagara. In Farewellish, the name is the same, though spelt Vidjajanagara.

The city has in common parlance been shortened to Vijaya, Vijayar and Vijayanagra.

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