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Caligae (Latin for "the boots"; Elw: Kaliqai or enu Kaliqaioon, Farewellish: Kaligai, Babkhi: Kâl-e Ghây) is a bailiwick and the capital city of Cape Farewell. Lying on the Caligaean peninsula, it borders Terror and Andelarion to the north, Vatnaminne to the east, and Amuun Aranui and Rikarðsstaðr to the south.

Due to its geographical location (with good harbours to the west and to the east), it has historically been the major commercial and political centre of northern Elwynn. The population of the city and bailiwick is 4,956,834.

People of Elwynn Population Size Percentage
Absentians 331 0.00%
Amokolians 52,722 1.06%
Babkhi 845,019 17.05%
Boreals 6,694 0.14%
Cimmerians 1,926 0%
Elfinshi 21,169 0.42%
Elw 2,446,104 49.35%
Farewellish 1,232,949 24.87%
Froyalanish 20,279 0.41%
Norse 261,175 5.27%
Tapferites 25,846 0.52%
Haraldian Wintergleamish 6,682 0.13%
Other Elwynnese or Shirerithian 7849 0.16%
Resident aliens 28,098 0.57%


The bailiwick is governed by the Worshipful Municipal Corporation of Aldermen of Caligae, Guarantors of its Ancient Liberties. The Corporation of Aldermen has 175 seats, and it is the highest decision-making body in the bailiwick. The Corporation is elected by popular vote. The table below shows the latest election, where a 77% turn-out of the electorate, voted.

The Corporation elects an executive council to function as the government. The current executive council of Andelarion is a minority coalition of the Nationalist & Humanist Party, the Elwynnese Workers’ Party, and the Holy Party of the Divine Icebear. The coalition has a supply and confidence agreement with the two other communist parties and with the Amokolian Freedom Front. The coalition has a political agreement with the Ayreonists and Democratic Alliance on matters of secularism, immigration and constitution.

Party Abbreviation Votes Percentage Number of seats
Amokolian Freedom Front AFF 11,450 1% 1
Ayreonist Independence Party AIP 498,087 17% 30
Coalition of Absentian Farmers CAB FARM 0 0% 0
Communist Party of Elwynn (Cgulianist) CPC 103,053 4% 6
Communist Party of Elwynn (Reformist) CPR 57,251 2% 3
Democratic Alliance DA 458,011 16% 28
Elfinshi Fury ELF 34,350 1% 2
Elwynnese Workers' Party EWP 520,988 18% 32
Holy Party of the Divine Icebear ICE 223,281 8% 14
Nationalist and Humanist Party N&H 515,263 18% 32
Royal Union RU 440,835 15% 27