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Subterranean inhabitants of the chthonic realm of Balgurd, whose existence was confirmed by the explorations of Aiomide Octavian in the year 15xx.xxxx AN.ASC. Dæmons are tormentors of human souls, devourers of human flesh and the inveterate enemies of humanity. It is strongly suspected that they bare some relation to the extinct Ohl'tar.

Attributes of the Dæmonic

As related by the revivified shade of Kaiser Aiomide:

  • The dæmon reproduces asexually, it carries its demonic spawn within itself as though they were hibernating parasites throughout the long aeons of its dreadful existence;
  • Although asexual - the mature dæmons are capable of inflicting traumatic insemination on other species, as well as the lesser demons and juveniles of their kin. Indeed the act of forced insemination is one of the primary means by which hierarchy in the necrotic realms of Balgurd is maintained;
  • There are many breeds, or species of hellkin. There are, for instance, hive species with one daemon dedicated to consuming while subservient daemons feed it so that there is more flesh to feed its young upon death;
  • For protection, many bands of juvenile dæmons roam in packs. Amongst the worst pits of Balgurd are those regions where these packs rape and devour amongst the damned souls of the worst sinners;
  • Only in the final death of a dæmon do the larvae awake. Their 'metabolysm', for want of a better word, is triggered by the loss of controlled blood flow from the mother-host and their ravenous hunger is awoken by the stench of decay and putrefaction. The first meal of the Balgurd sporn is the mother-creature that had borne them thus far, but it is not their last. Unless tended by their demon kin, the dæmon spawn will turn on each other, each member of the litter falling upon and devouring the other until only the strongest remains, then it will turn its attention outwards, towards whatever other forms of flesh, living or dead, it can seek to devour;
  • Killing a dæmon would result in triggering the release of larval 'nymph' daemons carried in the creature's womb-cyst;
  • To combat one in the mortal realm, you have to subdue it without killing it;
  • To defeat a dæmon you contain it and kill it within a contained area, you can starve the larval daemons.