Old Boys' Club

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Originally a term re-coined by political reformist Philip Locke, the Old Boys' Club was used to refer to the more conservative members of the Shirerothian government. It was also often used in practice to refer to some of the Californian members of Shireroth, who were sometimes viewed as banding together due to real life acquaintance. They were accused of watching out for each other and running the nation for themselves, ignoring the concerns of non-nobles, bullying with the power they had, hypocritically denying citizens the right to form political parties when they were obviously a group themselves, and many other practically unsubstantiated claims. Alleged members of the Old Boys' Club (commonly abbreviated as OBC) responded that there was no OBC and that Locke merely made up the group to make his opponents look worse. The "members" began to see the accusation as a joke, brandishing the phrase "Proud Member of the OBC" in their title blocks, as a form of retaliation. Erik Mortis used "Founder of the OBC", while Scott Alexander, who had some reformist sympathies, was a "Non-Voting Member of the OBC". Some people who were never accused of being in the group bore the phrase. Central to the alleged group were Erik Mortis,Gryphon Avocatio, Scott Alexander, and several other individuals.

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