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Persons united for political ends, usually at odds with others also so motivated, but in different directions with conflicting agendas.

Common to many systems, however, wisely banned in the Imperial Republic of Shireroth where the Kaiser represents all factions of the nation, uniting them into a (mostly) harmonious whole.

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Political parties exist in many micronations, although some have made the move to outlaw them all together. In Shireroth for example, the existance of parties was forbidden. In the Grand Commonwealth, parties failed to develop due to the nature of the government system.

Political Parties in Shireroth

In Shireroth, political parties are considered an evil worse than democracy, as they cause petty infighting, beaurocracy, and idiocy. More so than in in your standard micronation.

The structure of Shireroth's government, based as it is on feudal precepts, is not particularly conducive to the formation of political parties anyway. But in addition to this, the Shirerithian government has, in fact, actually banned political parties and political interest groups, believing them to be an unnecessary and divisive influence.

As a result, the country is considered to be better off without political parties. Outbreaks of vicious factionalism such as during the Summer of '04 are often taken as supportive of this belief, since during some of those periods the nation came as close as it ever gets to actually having political parties.

It is to be noted that with the ascension on the throne of Kaiser Meskan II, political parties might be reintroduced as part of the major reforms intended to create activity.

Political parties were subsequently decriminalised but, owing to the federal and oligarchic nature of the Imperial Republic never took off in a meaningful fashion, with the partial exception of independently minded Elwynn which has a wide variety of small political parties as part of its system of controlled democracy, tolerated and organised under the auspices of the ruling royal autocracy.