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Political Parties of Shireroth are formed by persons united for political ends, usually at odds with others also so motivated, but in different directions with conflicting agendas.


Political parties used to be banned in the Imperial Republic of Shireroth where the Kaiser represented all factions of the nation, uniting them into a (mostly) harmonious whole. In Shireroth, political parties were considered an evil worse than democracy on account of the factionalism they encouraged.

The structure of Shireroth's government, based as it is on feudal precepts, is still not particularly conducive to the formation of political parties anyway. But in addition to this, the Shirerithian government had, in fact, actually banned political parties and political interest groups, believing them to be an unnecessary and divisive influence.

Even though political parties were decriminalised in the 16th century but, owing to the federal and oligarchic nature of the Imperial Republic never took off in a meaningful fashion, with the partial exception of independently minded Elwynn which had a wide variety of small political parties as part of its system of controlled democracy, tolerated and organised under the auspices of the ruling royal autocracy.

In the 17th century, the formation of political parties in Shireroth suddenly experienced a growth, when the Folksraad and Adelsraad were established.

Main Political Parties of Shireroth

Logo Party Ideology Established Chairman Description
HPDI.png Holy Party of the Divine Icebear Icebearianism, Theocracy 1599 Hullah X'halar Founded as the political wing of the Icebearian faith, the HDPI is currently the majority party in the Great North.
IDPLOGO.png Imperial Democratic Party Democratic Centrism
Free Market Capitalism
Nationalist and Humanist Bloc.png Nationalist and Humanist Party Khanism 1605 Isabella Simrani-Kalirion (Global)
Prince of Modan (Modan)
Salvik Dorkolluerion (Fmr. Elwynn)
National Movement of Human Ecologists Thalvaism
"people-centered politics"
1663 Sir Łudo Thalva (Party Leader)
Henek Kuiß (Chairman)
Harun Březan (Vice Chairman for Goldshire)
A political party formed to popularize and campaign for the enactment of the ideas of Łudo Thalva. It lacks a defined party program, instead consisting of a thematically-organized catalog of Thalva's writings.

Contains elements of non-hierarchical spontaneous self-organization as well as participation in a variety of prescribed "soul cleansing" activities.

Party newspaper is the People's Cultivator.

VUlogo2.png Verionist Union Verionism 1623 Stephen Lewis A Verionist political party