Holy Church of the Divine Icebear

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Seal of the Holy Church

The Holy Church of the Divine Icebear is the largest religion on the Cimmerian Islands and a prominent religion in Northern Elwynn. The Church is famed for its militaristic attitute and its intolerance towards other believers. It worships the Divine Icebear as the Supreme Being and Creator of Micras.


The Church started out as a local cult after founder Myck Snealandyx received a divine revelation in a dream in which the Icebear told him all the wisdom in the world. Because of the schocking nature of the revelations, it was impossible for Snealandyx what the Icebear has said, although over the course of his life, Snealandyx wrote several books explaining small aspects of the wisdom that he was told. These teachings are compiled in The Book of Ice, considered holy to Icebearians.

The Church grew after several local Cimmerian tribes converted to Icebearianism and expanded rapidly accross Northern Elwynn partly to massive missionary programs. After prominent Elwynnese politician Jack Lewis joined the Church, it gained national exposure.

Historical spread of the Holy Church

The Church became infamous for the involvement of brutal Icebear militias in the Cabbage Rebellion, most notably the sack of Dragonskeep, where they slaughtered the local population. Not long after, Jack Lewis and High Priest Tom Cruise proclaimed Elwynnese independence under the rule of the Church, this is known as the Icebear Rebellion. The Imperial Government responded swiftly and crushed the rebels. Subsequently, the Church was banned and persecuted by the Osman government of Elwynn. As a result, the Church lost much of its political power.

Main Beliefs

The Holy Church of the Divine Icebear is centered around the idea of personal revelation. The Divine Icebear chooses mortal men to reveal the wisdom of the world. So far, only two men have received a revelation: founder Myck Snealandyx and High Priest Jaqen X'Halar. The other believers are expected to follow the guidelines from the Book of Ice, and do everything in their power to ensure the reign of the Icebear on Micras.