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The Folksraad is the representative advisory body of the denizens of Shireroth. Elected in regular democratic elections, no law may be passed by the Landsraad that affects the rights of the denizens without the assent of the Folksraad.

By convention, the biggest party gets to nominate the president, and the next parties the first, second, and third deputies.

Current Composition 1670–1674

Government currently has 514 seats, opposition 486.

Party Seats Role
Imperial Order 222 In government
Elianist Peoples Party 156 In government
National Movement for Human Ecology 90 Opposition
Imperal Democrat Party 69 In government
Disband the Folksraad Party 62 Opposition
Elwynnese Workers Party 43 Opposition
National Development Party (Talenore) 43 In government
Golden Order Party 28 Opposition
Socialist Union of Yardistan 26 Opposition
Behsaz Elwynn/Elwynnese Resistance Organisation 24 Opposition
Amokolian Freedom Front 21 Opposition
Social Democratic Party of Talenore 21 Opposition
Nationalist and Humanist Party 19 Opposition
Coalition 1660 17 In government
Shirerithian Patriotic Association – Modan 17 Opposition
Yardistani Annexation Corps 16 Opposition
Real Humanist Party 15 Opposition
Elwynnese Regionalist Campaign 14 Opposition
Sentient Rights Party 12 Opposition
Shirerithian Party of Socialists 11 Opposition
Loyalist Legion 11 Opposition
National Font (Talenore) 8 Opposition
Kezan Joint List 7 In government
Progressive Union – Green Society 7 Opposition
Holy Party of the Divine Icebear 5 Opposition
Mishalanski Party of Democratic Socialism 5 Opposition
Liberal Party (Talenore) 5 Opposition
Humanist List (Talenore) 5 Opposition
Conservative Party of Talenore 4 Opposition
Oldshire Party 3 Opposition
Conservative Party of Hawshire-Dura 2 Opposition
Union of Truth and Beauty 2 Opposition
Batavian People's Party 2 Opposition
Socialist Workers' Party of Talenore 2 Opposition
Party for Democratic Reform (Hawshire) 1 Opposition
Social Democratic Party of Tellia 1 Opposition
Democratic Rally (Talenore) 1 Opposition
Bright Dawn (Talenore) 1 Opposition
Slurpurgle Party 1 Opposition
Association of Denizens in the Froyalan National Reserve 1 Opposition