Araxion Forest

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Araxion Forest, also known as the Forest of Araxion and the Old Royal Forest, is a forest which is situated in the Royal Precinct of the Elwynnese Union which is known as the County of Araxion. It surrounds the Tower of Araxion. The forest is nowadays also known as the Seventh Forest.

Name and Composition

Araxion Forest is named after the Tower of Araxion. Its original name, if any, is lost to time. The forest is composed of the following tree species: beech, ash, aspen, elm and oak.


In days long gone by, Araxion Forest was part of the Forest of Elwynn of ancient lore that covered most of Alalehzamin and Utasia, Araxion, Eliria as well as the southern portion of Íseirdia-la-Vraulalennir. As mentioned in the First Part of the Book of the Orchids, the Lady Divine Elwynn grew happily up in the Araxionian part of the forest in the days of yore and ancient lore.

During the Ardashirian reign due to deforestation policies the Forest of Elwynn of ancient lore vanished completely, except for what nowadays constitutes Araxion Forest and the Forest of Angularis. The former escaped destruction owing to being the surroundings of the sacred Tower of Araxion, the latter because it was beyond Baronial control.

Religious Connotations

The forest is sacred to those who worship the Goddess Elwynn such as the Church of Elwynn and Church of the Froyalanish Ancient Ways since the Lady Elwynn was seen frolicking in there very often while happily growing up. The latter consider the forest a Godsgrove writ large.

Site of Royal Ceremonies

The forest is the site where the royal ceremonies which are known as the Konungstekja and the Arvingstekja take place, should the time of the year and the weather permit.