Book of the Orchids

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The Book of the Orchids together with other Holy Texts and Sciptures of the Froyalanish Ancient Ways.

The Book of the Orchids, also known as the Book of Orchids, is a very important piece of Elwynnese cultural lore which originates in Treesia and was written by Sagart Siskind of the Treesian Unorthodox Church. It is a collection of narratives which detail the Creation of the Universe and the History of the World focusing, aside from some mention of Treesian and Micran heroes, on the Treesian Gods and other supernatural beings of the Treesian Unorthodox faith. In Elw, the book is called Ivor Rellenai; in Farewellish, the name of the book is Vitliljobook; and in Froyalanish and Wintergleamish, the book is known as Vitliljobók.

In the Flower of the North, the Book of the Orchids is nowadays universally considered by any and all members of the Elwynnese Nation to be authentically and eternally Elwynnese – in spite of there being no shortage of evidence to the contrary. It is one of the ancient writings which provides the Elwynnese Nation with a common, overarching culture for the quite disparate country that the Jewel of Many Facets is, and therefore unquestionably an inherent part of the Elwynnese Commons.


The Book of the Orchids has four parts.


During the Konungstekja, the King of Elwynn swears His coronation oath on the Book of the Orchids. The White Orchid Goddess recite the Book of the Orchids and the Poetry of Passion to entertain the watching guests and the King during breaks from Her ‎‎ love-making with the latter when His Riverine Majesty is recovering from a climax during the consummation of their Sacred Marriage.

Tower of Araxion

The original manuscript of the Book of the Orchids is kept in the Tower of Araxion.

Froyalanish Ancient Ways

During the Ducal Reign of Harald of Froyalan, the Froyalanish Ancient Ways adopted the Book of the Orchids into their scriptures and the Froyalanish and Wintergleamish Vanafolk ever since consider the several parts about the Goddess Elwynn to be among their most important holy texts.