Forest of Angularis

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A View of the High Forest of Angularis.
The Castlewellan Wood of the Forest of Angularis
The Místúra House, a Royal hunting lodge in the Forest of Angularis.

The Forest of Angularis, also known as the Fifth Forest, is a vast sacred forest in the Deep South which is a Bailiwick situated in the Circuit called the Vale of Angularis, itself a part of the Royal Precinct of the Elwynnese Union known as the Emirate of Alalehzamin and Utasia which is known as the Vale of Angularis. The forest is sacred to those who worship the Goddess Elwynn such as the Church of Elwynn and the Church of the Froyalanish Ancient Ways. The latter consider the forest, that contains numerous Worship Waters and Stone Circles, a Godsgrove writ large.


The Forest of Angularis is a large area of woodland and forest which partially contains the Hólmlendar. It is a lush environment which includes stone circles, misty dales, eerie ponds, sparkling streams, mysterious ruins and remains of lost civilizations, enigmatic lakes, secluded grottoes, and expansive, marshy lowlands. It stretches from the hinterland of the Shores of Angularis to the Barrowlands from which it is separated by Astopov's Dyke‎. Tree species to be found in the forest are elm, beech, ash, oak, olive trees and cedars. In the most primeval parts of the forest there are trees to be found with trunks as wide as castle gates.

The Fifth Forest is one of the favourite holiday amd leisure destinations of the Elwynnese branch of the House of Ettlingar Freyu.



Since times ancient beyond the memory of woman the Fifth Forest has been divided into seven traditional and historical areas.

  • Castlewellan Wood;
  • Deep Templewoods;
  • Elwynn's Oakwood;
  • Forest of Angularis Foothills;
  • Forest of Angularis Valleys;
  • High Forest of Angularis;
  • Middle Forest of Angularis.

Notable Features and Locations

  • Arandurcourt;
  • Gong of Gneevgullia;
  • Miriquidi Temple;
  • Místúra House;
  • R'lyeh.


Although the number of people inhabiting the forest is small, even in its deepest parts one can find crofters, foresters, hunters and herdsmen. There are also several hermits and other people who have chosen to live off the grid who have made the Forest of Angularis their home.


The Fifth Forest is teeming with game. Among the large variety of animals found within the wood are wolves, great elk, deer, spotted tigers, tree cats, badgers, rabbits, foxes, monstrously huge boars, spotted bears, and a species of lemur.


In the days of yore the Forest of Angularis was part of the Forest of Elwynn of ancient lore. It escaped the deforestation policies of the Ardashirian reign due to being located outside the borders of the Barony of Elwynn in those days and therefore beyond Baronial control.


The Battle of Aradurcourt, part of the Angularis Offensive Operation, took place in the Forest of Angularis in 1644, the Year of the Four Kaisers.