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The Godsgrove is in Araxion, Froyalan, Wintergleam and other areas in Elwynn with a sizable Vanafolk population, usually a small wooded area within the walls of a hall, castle or temple, or very near to such hall, castle or temple. Ancient custom decrees since times ancient beyond the memory of woman that every hall, castle or temple is to have a Godsgrove. There are, however, Godsgroves which are the size of a forest. All of the Four Forests as well as the Araxion Forest, the Forest of Angularis, and the Forest of Vorgóta are considered Godsgroves by the Vanafolk.


Godsgroves are primarily used as a places of worship or ceremony by those who practise the Froyalanish Ancient Ways.

Since ancient times Godsgroves provide relief and shelter to the Vanafolk from the mundane aspects of life and are considered living temples by them, yet without stone walls or ornate stone monuments, where one can feel the sacredness of the earth, settle into the quiet, listen to the birds, watch the trees sway in the wind, and connect with the power of the Lords and Ladies Divine which underlies all of life.

A sacred place of meeting where age-old rites and rituals are performed, as well as a place of refuge and sanctuary for many in times of peril.

However, in those places within the Lands of Elwyna where other customs and beliefs predominate it usually is little more than a private wooded area of solitude.

Bosom Tree

The Bosom Tree is the center of every Godsgrove. It usually is a tree which has spiritual importance to the Vanafolk, but may, depending on local customs and circumstances, be any type of tree. A Bosom Tree symbolizes Yggdrasil, the immense tree that is central in Viking cosmology and connects the worlds of the Viking universe.