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A Worship Water, also known as Gyðjasmóðurlíf, which means "Goddess' womb" in the Froyalanish and Wintergleamish languages, is a body of water which has been sacred to the Froyalanish and Wintergleamish Vanafolk since times ancient beyond the memory of woman and which is used by the Vanafolk as a place of Vanic worship.


There are innumerable Worship Waters in Elwynn, which are scattered all over the aforesaid Lands of the Two Sacred Rivers, ranging in size from small ponds and wells to large lakes and even entire seas. The most important of them is, of course, the River Elwynn.

Numerous wells and springs are associated with a single God or Goddess and the sacred water dispensed there ensures the bestowal of life, grace, mercy, joy, health, and abundance by that particular deity.


In Worship Waters Vanafolkers feel as safe as a baby in zir mother's womb. It's a place where they become (almost) totally uninhibited and freely enjoy the Glorious Liberty the Vanir Gods and Goddesses so generously have bestowed unto them, Their Folk.

Gyðjasmóðurlífer symbolize to the Vanafolk purification, wellness, benevolence and oneness with the Lords and Ladies Divine. Vanafolkers relax, bathe, pray and play in those waters for nourishment for their souls, to heal their bodies, minds or spirits as well as for general health, protection and forgiveness from their sins and transgressions. Due to the link between fertility and water many Worship Waters are known for curing barrenness.

Likewise, are Worship Waters to the Vanafolk an excellent way to joyfully and happily connect, commune, and create with their Gods and Goddesses.

Entrances to Other Worlds

Thousands of wells which are Worship Waters to the practitioners of the Froyalanish Ancient Ways are considered to be entrances to other worlds such as the spirit world as well as the worlds where the Lords and Ladies Divine live, and to the Vanafolk is dreaming while being at such a holy well a way to foretell the future.

Notable Worship Waters

Quotes from Vanic Lore and Law

Water makes no distinctions when it surrounds your body. No part of you is deemed unworthy of its caress. Meditate on this. The water takes in all of you. Every sacred inch of your flesh it caresses...

- From: Soothing

A sacred bathing of the body in a water of worship becomes owing to the Love of the Gods and Goddesses a sacred bathing of the mind, spirit, and soul, which unearths a mindfulness of self-nourishment which we shall subsquently give gift unto ourselves and others as kindness as we go about our joyful daily lives.

- A Fra Trona Pronouncement by Lady Lilja the Devout

The purpose of bathing, praying, playing and relaxing in the holy waters of worship which We have bestowed unto thee, Our Folk, is to commune with Us as well as cleanse thyselves, from the inside and out, of negative energies and prepare thy Physical, Mental and Spiritual Self for granting Us Our Dues so that We shall be better able to intercede in thy lives so that thee shall do well and live thy lives in the Glorious Liberty for which We have created thee until Our Twilight and beyond.

- From: the Ancient Covenant

Lower yourself into the water of worship and visualize it cleansing you of all negativity. Know that these energies are flowing from your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Self into the water. Relax and enjoy the warmth and silken caress of the water, the scents in the air, and the feeling of being cleansed of all negativity, let yourself drift. Know that the negative energies that are now in the water are voyaging to the bottom where they are drawn into the earth by the Divine Power and be grounded.
Rise up out of the water and perform a Self Blessing by anointing the Seven Areas with sacred oil while saying aloud:
"Blessed be my Mind, that learns of Thy Ways."
"Blessed be my eyes, that have seen this day."
"Blessed be my lips, that utter Thy Names and keep Thy Secrets."
"Blessed be my breasts, formed in Beauty."
"Blessed be the Womb, for without which I would not be."
"Blessed be my knees, that shall kneel at Thy Sacred Altar."
"Blessed be my feet, that have brought me in this Glorious Liberty."
Pour a libation to the Gods and Goddesses and drink the mead.

- From: the Poetry of Passion

Lie in this sacred water and let it draw out all your sorrows, all your hatred, all your fear. Feel the loving embrace of water holding your body, enveloping every inch in its healing fluid.

- From: Healing