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The Steward of Elwynn used to be the individual who holds the reins of government when the Ruler of Elwynn is a minor, ill, absent, indisposed, or when the White Orchid Throne is vacant. A Steward of Elwynn is considered a ruler in his own right in the event that there is a vacancy in the rulership and in case of the holder of the White Orchid Throne being a minor. In such case the Steward of Elwynn is referred to as a Ruling Steward.

The last Steward of Elwynn was Princess Fjǫrleif Llængjarla of Elwynn. She was appointed to the Stewardship in the Decree of Anun-on-Drakenoya, the first Royal Decree issued by King Noah of Elwynn. It was issued on the first day of Rugaall in the year 1632, the day King Noah came of age. She held the post until her expulsion from the Imperial Republic in the aftermath of the Auspicious Occasion.


Ever since His Imperial and Royal Highness the Storjarl Hallbjörn Haraldsson of the Ayreon-Kalirion and of the Descendants of Freyja took up the Stewardship of Elwynn in the year 1629 to protect the rights and interests of his sons His Riverine Majesty King Noah of Elwynn, and His Riverine Highness Prince Audun Joel of Elwynn, he quotidianly made a ride on horseback through the streets of the Kingly City of Eliria or whatever Elwynnese locality he was in residence.

During the aforesaid ride, which took place in the morning, the Storjarl Hallbjörn was totally unaccompanied and in full armour. The purpose of this daily forenoon ride was to demonstrate his willingness, ability, and determination to uphold the birthright of his sons as well as the ancient rights, liberties and free customs of the People of Elwynn.

Throughout the aforesaid quotidianly morning ride Storjarl Hallbjörn was loudly cheered and enthusiastically waved by nobles and commoners alike. The citizenry always turned out en masse, lining the streets in the hope to catch a glimpse of the Steward of Elwynn or even shake his hand.

In the event that the daily foreday ride took place on a public holiday the burghers honoured the Steward of Elwynn, in addition to their cheering, with loud merry music from lyre, pipes and drums, as well as the throwing of rice and confetti. Upon arrival at Eliria Castle or any other place within the borders of the Flower of the North where he was lodged, the Storjarl Hallbjörn was sprayed with sparkling mead.

Steward Hallbjörn's Final Ride

Steward Hallbjörn made his final daily morning ride on the first day of Rugaall in the year 1632, the day that his son King Noah of Elwynn turned sixteen and in consequence thereof came of age. The former was on that morning ride accompanied by the latter.

King's Daily Morning Ride

King Noah followed in the footsteps of his father and adopted the custom of making a daily horseback ride through the streets of the Kingly City of Eliria or whatever Elwynnese locality he is in residence. The practice was known to cause some consternation amongst Eliria's busy commuters. A proposal was subsequently put before the Council of Eliria to pedestrianise the Royal Road between the Palace of Krull and Eliria Castle to mitigate the cost of policing daily road closures.

The banner is just like the Royal Banner based on the basic banner for individuals who belong to both the House of Ayreon-Kalirion and the Imperial Branch of the House of Ettlingar Freyu - the Houses where the former Steward Hallbjörn Haraldsson, who instituted the Steward's Banner, belongs to - but it is superimposed with an escutcheon which represents the Steward's duty to protect the Lands of the Elwynnese Union until the King can assume or resume the reins of government.

The white stag is a well-known symbol for Elwynn; the crown with chain symbolizes that although the Steward holds the King's Powers, he is not allowed to turn the country upside down; the indented bordure represents Elwynn's violent, complex and often chaotic history; the colour black represents the Steward's protective duty; and the colour red symbolizes the blood that was shed in the Lands of Elwynn as well as the love of the Elwynnese People for their country.