White Orchid Throne

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The White Orchid Throne was the seat of the King of Elwynn, and was often used by the Froyalanish as a metonymic device to refer to the king's authority. The Throne was also referred to, by some especially wretched souls, as the Kingly Throne of Elwynn. It was one of the three so-called Throne Chairs of Elwynn. In Elw, the throne was called Darel Rellenai Pares; in Farewellish, the name of the throne is Vitliljosete.


The White Orchid Throne was allegedly commissioned by Duchess Sirithil nos Fëanor during the days of her Ducal Reign in Elwynn. It was made in Menelmacar by Elvish craftsmen. The throne was carved from a single block of Fëanorian amethyst, a precious stone which is warm to the touch of the human body and radiant with light and power.

Since the Auspicious Occasion of 1651, the White Orchid Throne has been removed from public display, pending an examination by archaeologists, after which it is expected to be put up for auction.


The throne was formerly situated in the Lady Esther Hall of the Palace of Krull. Before the conversion of the Krull Opera House into a palatial complex it had stood in the Great Hall of Eliria Castle.