Eliria Castle

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Eliria Castle, once a residence of the Royal Family of Elwynn.
Gunners of the Fleur de Lys-Longships Guard performing a 62-gun salute at Eliria Castle in honour of Kaiser Dominus Tarjeisson during his State Visit to Elwynn.

Eliria Castle, also known as the Castle of Eliria and formerly known as the Ducal Palace or the Ducal Hall, is a former royal residence situated in Eliria, the capital of the Elwynnese Republic. It sits on the bank of the Qlyhm Canal, one of the numerous Elirian canals leading to the River Elwynn.


This ancient stronghold is notable for its architecture as well as its long association with the successive Elwynnese governments in their various forms and incarnations throughout Elwynn's long, complex, chaotic, unruly and often violent history. It has often served as a refuge of last resort for its rulers.


Eliria Castle was long reputed to have been built by the legendary Elfinshi Lady Tlygowa the Lyrist in the late 1300s to oversee a strategically important part of the River Elwynn. Both the castle and the city that grew around it derive their names from Tlygowa's lyre, the word "Eliria" being derived from the Elw placename enu elirion, "place of lyres".

Recent Events

The castle was laid waste to in the event known as the Senate Siege and was left abandoned for many a moon. After that protracted period of neglect reconstruction work on the castle finally commenced in the reign of Prince Jonathan of Elwynn. The completely rebuilt Eliria Castle was re-opened during the tenure of the Storjarl Hallbjörn Haraldsson as Steward of Elwynn with all due pomp and circumstance in a grand and lavish ceremony led by the then Prince of Elwynn, His Imperial and Royal Highness the Storjarl Thorstein Noah of the Houses of Ayreon-Kalirion and of the Descendants of Freyja.

Following the Auspicious Occasion the castle has once more become the seat of a more soberly minded republican government.