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Ryan D. Caruso (August 25th, 1979), Also known under the more commonly used pseudonyms of WarVoid, Amir Shervanis (in Babkha), Augustin Dei Barbone (in Minorca and Baracão), Riyon Karus (in Hyperborea), Ryszard Von Wulf (in Panzerland), Thomas Rivers (in the Brettish Isles), and Choygal Kamala (in Aryasht and Rulak) among many others of infrequent use.


Mr. Caruso has been a frequent participant in micronationalism since first joining the hobby as a citizen of Audentior when he chose to reside in Hyperborea, having been recruited by Giant Squid (Scott Alexander) at the Apolyton Civilization Site. The first three years of his participation in the hobby were marked largely by controversy and strong leanings towards revolutionary movements. Within the first month of joining Audentior, he led a coup against its government in favor of the re-establishment of an empire. After the collapse of the AIN, he went on to found the short-lived Universe of Allied Nations and then the Republic of Antarctica. Both these projects failed however, and in lieu, he established the at-first satirical People's Republic of Hell. The PRH, which became microculturally famous, led to much controversy and a greater amount of bad puns before finally being dissolved.

Following projects have been less successful. one of the most popular of these was the Proletarian Democratic Union (Proletaria) formed with Dafydd Young out of a merger between Rasperia and the People's United Republic. The PDU later became the predecessor state to the much more popular Republic of Baracão. After an absence from the hobby for about one year, Mr. Caruso returned by joining the Kingdom of Babkha in 2003, a nation in which he had formerly been an enemy of. A change in politics and attitude saw a more conservative micronationalist emerge, with less independent projects and more community participation. Most notably was the ascension of Caruso to the leadership of the MCS following the society's near-demise during the collapse of Delvenus. Among the other notable contributions to other micronations was, as the Emir of Baatharz the establishment of a cultural renaissance in Babkha, which led to a new cultural flowering for that kingdom; and a large role in the saga of Menelmacar's history.

A few small independent nations were attempted, including a semi-prosperous Burning Blade Clan and Gothica. Also during this time was established the state of Lorelei in Cranda, which has survived longer than some of the larger micronations of history. A brief dispute which nearly erupted into outright war occurred over Caruso's claim to Lac Glacei, which had been granted to him by that states founder, Emperor Jacobus, and Shireroth, which also claimed the small Alpine state. Following the loss of Lac Glacei to Shireroth, Caruso then assumed his pseudonym of Augustin Dei Barbone, more commonly simply known as Emperador Augustin. This was following the death of the Republic of Baracão, in which Caruso had been an active royalist and leader of the Minorcan province. Following Baracão's death, Caruso assumed the mantle of Emperor and restored the Holy Empire of Minorca, which later joined the Grand Commonwealth.

In an attempt to bring back the golden days of Menelmacar, Caruso also founded the nation of Yyldrnis (pron. Wilderness), based on elements of Tolkien works and fantasy in general. Although the nation saw initial success and achieved a record in popularity for such small projects, it failed to maintain that success and eventually faltered mere months after establishment. Caruso has since focused primarily on smaller roles in existing micronations and also on the Micronational Cartography Society, preferring more now the lesser role of a contributor rather than a leader of nations.

Then on the 15th of August 2006 Ryan left micronationalism, after the GSO was released, retiring from all positions and citizenships.

In 2008 Caruso made a return to micronations by joining the young micronation of Vanderveer, a nation which incorporated many European cultures. After the demise of Vanderveer, Caruso joined Livlandia. More recently (2009) he has rejoined Shireroth and resumed the mantle of leadership in Lac Glacei. Although reduced to a landless county, he has slowly been working to restore its former glory. His main focus has, however, been on the restoration of the Universe of Allied Nations, aptly renamed Universalis based upon a suggestion by Bill Dusch. The restored Technocracy of Universalis has survived since its re-establishment in November 2008. While neither thriving nor fading into complete inactivity, the nation has managed to eke out an existence and has achieved a fair amount of diplomacy. Universalis is also noted for its dedicated space program; probably one of the most ambitious on Micras. It has done very well on the diplomatic front, being able to restore through negotiation nearly fifty-percent of its original territory on Tapfer.

Currently Caruso divides his time between Universalis and Shireroth, while maintaining a token staff position at the MCS where he assists with various projects.

Past & Present Activities (listed in chronological order)

Second Emperor of Audentior and Apollantis (circa 2000)

Founder of the original Republic of Antarctica (circa 2000)

Founder of Cimmeria (est. June 2000)

Founder of the People's Republic of Hell (est. July 2000)

Founder of Greater Automatica (est. October 2000)

Founder of the Nautilus Free State (circa 2001)

Co-Founder (with Dafydd Young) of the Proletarian Democratic Union (circa 2002)

Founder of Mistikal (July 2003-2006)

Emir of the Baatharz in Babkha (circa August 2003)

Founder of Zsharra in Babkha (circa Spring 2004)

Founder of Lorelei (later Stromblum in Cranda, est. September 2003)

Founder of Gothica (est. October 2003)

Founder of Herrinova (est. November 2003)

Leader of the Lac Glacei Renaissance Movement (est. December 2003)

Founder of the Empire of Panzerland (est. July 2004)

Founder of Yyldrnis (est. March 2005)

Emperor of Minorca and Her Colonies (est. February 2004-2006)

Elder of the Burning Blade Clan (2001-Present)

Founder of the County of So-Sara in Shireroth (est. August 2005)

Founder and Count of the County of Bjorngard in Shireroth (est. January 2006-2006)

Founder and Senior Archivist of the Apollo Foundation (2001-2006)

Senior Cartographer and Webmaster of the Micronational Cartography Society (2003-2006)

Partial List of Citizenships (Past and Present)

Founder Of

Restorer of